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Deacon The Villain Where can I find Versatile?

I was listening to the kynfolk mixtapes and theres this pimp song called sometymez by versatile, but i can’t find anythin else from this dude other than whats on the kynfolk tapes. anyone know?

sloppy seconds vol. 2

Being Humans Hard

i was refering more to his own work, like if he had any albums/mixtapes out (lol @ reply taking over a year). appreciate it tho

unfortunately it’s taken over a year to respond, because he’s been locked up for the past 18 months with about 6 more to go. Sad

o damn, dude had some talent. hope he keeps makin music once he gets out

Damn that sucks, and word to Nitroxide.. Sometymez is probably my fav track from the Kynfolk mixtapes and he was great on Being Human’s Hard as well. Gave up searching for more music from him about 2 years ago though, but hopefully we’ll see something when he gets out Smile