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Tonedeff Anyone by chance to have a remixed of Fisher’s “Nowhere

Not sure if anyone by chance to have a remixed that tonedeff have done on Fisher’s “Nowhere”. Is there any chance that I can get a copy of that remix? Please e-mail me @

Thanks in advance.


Remix of Fisher’s "Nowhere

This is old as hell (circa 99). You a Fisher fan?

Fisher - Nowhere (KGK Remix)

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Re: Remix of Fisher’s "Nowhere

song styl is fuckin clsssic…..

anybody heard twist em out by dillinja…..

that beat is CRAZYYYYYYY


<img ALT=“x”> Dillinja

Re: ...

jus picked up the original fisher…
not a bad track….different sorta shit then im used 2.. but enjoyable..

the remix is hella good…. drum n base with vokalz is jus crazy

shy fx -shake your body

^^^ heavy track!!!!!