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Tonedeff QN5 w/ROYCE the 5’9” :: APRIL :: BOSTON & NYC

APRIL 14 SOB’s in NYC @ 630 pm
The QN5 All-Stars [CL, Tonedeff, PackFM, Mecca & Session]
Royce the 5’9”
$12 adv. // $15 doors

APRIL 15 The Middle East in Boston
QN5 All-Stars
J.U.I.C.E. [for his first performance in Boston]
$15 adv // $18 doors [i think]

royce414.jpg <i>Edited by <A >QN5</A>


where u get the advance tickets?

Ahhhhhh maaaaaaaan

I fuckin hate livin in the UK.

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Re: Ahhhhhh maaaaaaaan

oh happy day, happyyyyyy day
dope rappers they come and go, but legendary rappers linger…

Re: Ahhhhhh maaaaaaaan

if theres a age restriction then i’ma sneak in lol <div style=“text-aligncenter”>
qwert.jpg </div>
I’ll Leave U With More Birth Rights Then A Judges Daughter- Hass Ellness

Re: Ahhhhhh maaaaaaaan

i’m assuming you buy tickets at the box office at the venue. can’t say for SOB’s cause i’ve never paid to get in a show there, but the middle east box office is upstairs above the restaurant/bar.

if there’s an age limit in NYC, i’d be damn surprised if it was enforced—i’ve never been carded to buy a drink anywhere in the city, much less to get in anyplace EXCEPT some wack venue called makor on 35th or some shit, that i was barely even able to find. and that was lame.

good luck in boston, aka the strictest city on the planet about IDs ... take it from someone who’s gotten their fake taken twice.

Re: Ahhhhhh maaaaaaaan

yea, i love these shows because the bar never i.d.‘s, even if the age limit to get in is 18.

however, they did i.d. at the door for the show with blackmoon if i remember correctly.
dope rappers they come and go, but legendary rappers linger…

Re: Ahhhhhh maaaaaaaan

This show should be rediculous….I haven;t been to SOB’s in a while…..shit i’m glad i’m 24… liquor probelms for this mofo…issawwwn

Re: Ahhhhhh maaaaaaaan

u lucky bastards that all i got to say 992.jpg style=border0;


age limit?

Re: age

if you’re 14 and under you shouldn’t listen to this explicit hip hop

Re: age

I’m still pissed that I’m gonna be missing this show. That is all.