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Kokayi Is “Drivetime” available to buy anywhere?

Hey, I’m trying to get my Kokayi collection on lock. I’ve got “Mass Instructions” and plan on getting “The New Grease” but I hear things about “Drivetime”. Can a physical copy be bought anywhere? I’ve seen a free download for it here :,26234/

Was it just released free online or what?

DriveTime was a free download for a minute.. the link may have died..let me know. i’ll repost or have it put up in the QN5 DL area.

maybe a stupid question, but is it an all instrumental album? the first like 3 or 4 songs had no lyrics. maybe i missed that announcement somewhere?

Btw, “2” is and will forever be awesome.

houstonz said:Btw, “2” is and will forever be awesome.

werd, i’m just starting to listen to this, the instrumentals r super dope, must cop