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Tonedeff may28 tone…..

jus heard about it an look like we gunna be sharin the stage at the lions den are you and pack in for sure tho?an brings some xl shirts for us skinny people.



Dates should not be used as tiltes to topics around here. Archetype’s release date is surely going to be revealed soon.

Good luck with the show.

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I heard Archetype’s release date has just dipped into 2005. <img >”>

Alright, so I made that up. Looks to be that way though. <img ALT=”(”>

Re: Re:

Quote<hr>Looks to be that way though. <hr>

NOoooooooooooo! Definitely not. You will DEFINITELY have it this year. No question.

Sidenote I know nothing of a show on May 28th. I’m not sure who told you I was performing anywhere. QN5 Music
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