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Tonedeff Aye Tonedeff, you watch South Park?

Hey whats up man. I saw that other thread you had w/ the links from the creators of SP, and I saw the show wensday and wondered if you watch that show regularly, same w/ Chapelle show. At one point on south park there was a retarded kid on steroids beating up his g/f and mother…

“In order for me to open the studio back up, I need fresh breastmilk from a cambodian women”

Oh and Tone, me and my buddy always laugh at that song(I dont know the name, my friend just gave me a burned cd of yours and Ive been hooked) where you go into the recording companie guy’s office and he calls you tonedeath, and he plays that song from Lina Bangs or something… shit is so damn funny.



uh…ok..this thread is a bit retard dont u think? does it really matter if he watches south park and the chapelle show? i mean shit, whats next, a topic asking if he likes pizza ?

people should cut back on these types of posts <img ALT=”;)”>

<quote>Oh and Tone, me and my buddy always laugh at that song(I dont know the name, my friend just gave me a burned cd of yours and Ive been hooked)</quote>

first of all, its not a song, its an interlude or skit…the track name is called ‘leena bangz’...(spelling might not be right)

and u might want to actually BUY the album some time, considering u are ‘HOOKED’ and have a ‘BURNED’ copy ok ? <img ALT=”)”>

and lastly, what kinda dumbfuck name is

marleyskater420 ????




that was harsh.

u ever read the line, “whats in a name?”


How about we be glad Tonedeff and qn5 is reaching out to all types of people and not be mad when an obviously younger person gets all excited about tonedeff.

Just cuz someone doesn’t post shit like “Yo kid your breath control and delivery is crazy how do you fit those syllables into your rhyme schemes’ Doesnt mean you
have to make fun of kids.

Be happy good music is reachin out to all types of people.

Re: .

Sorry man, I didnt mean to come off so juvinielle or whatever. I saw his other post and I just wanted to ask him. Ive figured from reading the older posts at the other forum that he gets enough “wow you so amazing you rap fast” shit, I just wanted to ask him a everyday question. Kinda wanted to make me feel like he is another everyday person, someone who I can talk to,ya know?

Sorry I don’t have the money right now to buy the album. Are you mad at me because Im listening to a cd,liking it,and planning on buying it? Or mad at me for listenening to a burned cd.I mean shouldnt you be glad I am broadening my musical horizen?

Marleyskater420 is my name I’ve had for a while. I belong to a lot of audio forums and Ive used it for a few years. I don’t have any cool other names, so I use this one.

I WOULD say shit about how I appreciate his music and how listening to his music has gotten me into all other types of music as well.

I don’t mean to comeoff as a dick, but man, kickback. I didnt mean it to be some retarted thread, BELIEVE me I get enough of that at my other forum, I thought It would be cool to find something else out about Tonedeff other than “what are the lyrics to blah blah blah” or something? Just trying to relate. Like asking someone famous if they have something in common with you, its retarded but you just ask anyway. Sorry for being so inquisitive-no sarcasm meant.

Well yea, thats my “rebuttle” or whatever. I just wanted to ask an everyday question, sorry.

Re: .

In one of his battles, he tells the other dude to “Talk to the hand like Mr. Garrison.” So it was a valid question, and is somewhat substantiated. I’ll find the vid for it tomorrow. That is all.


“Foul-mouth Latino, the Dark-skin Cartman” -tonedeff from TNT

So yes, tone’s a fan.

Re: Aye Tonedeff, you watch South Park?

thats perhaps the best internet rebuttle ever….

Re: ...

Well then I guess he is indeed a fan. Thanks for the responses. I was just curious.

thats perhaps the best internet rebuttle ever….



SOUTH PARK is gully as a muhfukka

and dont diss the kid for asking a question man, I mean shit you dont talk shit when its a video game post…Be nice to people


Re: wa-wa-wa-womp

“Rockin’ a durag, with a headband and a cap that was fitted for Timmy’s head… TIMMMEEYYY~!!!”
- Tone, also on TNT

Quote<hr>and dont diss the kid for asking a question man, I mean shit you dont talk shit when its a video game post…Be nice to people<hr>

Seriously Demantik, the hell was that attitude about? <div style=“text-aligncenter”>
D_1173.gif style=border0;
“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
- Tonedeff</div>

Re: .

Quote<hr>SOUTH PARK is gully as a muhfukka<hr>

My bad for being stupid, but what does gully mean?

Re: Aye Tonedeff, you watch South Park?

Indeed. I’ve been a South Park fan since “The Spirit Of Christmas” was being passed around on bootleg VHS tapes! Those dudes are fucking geniuses. QN5 Music
[url=] [/url]


Gully is sorta like how most people say Dope, Cool ect.

I seen that “Spirit Of Christmas” shit at my homegirls crib….that shits crazy!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - // cable
solo.45 // okwerdz

Re: Aye Tonedeff, you watch South Park?

Quote<hr>Those dudes are fucking geniuses. <hr>

First, thanks for replyin to my post. I feel special <img ALT=“b”>
I’d have to agree they are some incredible geniuses. It’s great how they make their show incorporate things in life, like hypocracy in the government and just stupid shit that theyll make fun of. It’s cool to see all the symbolism that can be found in that show, its great.

Solo45- thanks for explaining the word. I’m bout to use that now if ya dont mind <img ALT=“hat”>

Re: Aye Tonedeff, you watch South Park?

Don’t listen to that Demantik fucker. Emcees don’t like when every single post about them is some dick rider congradulating them on their flow and lyrics. Ask any question you want. Any South Park is dope but getting kinda old to me. Chapelle show is definitely the shit. I think next week is the season finale. I can’t wait to cop the season 2 dvd.


Word South Park and Chapelle show are freakin hilarious and season 2 of the Chapelle show is a must buy when it come out.

Re: re:

Chapelle show is the shit, but jesus christ, people be od’in on stuff offa there. Everybody be sayin “i’m rick james bitch”. it was funny the first five times, but dudes just keep sayin it.
dope rappers they come and go, but legendary rappers linger…

Re: re:

Like remember when all you heard for 10 fuckin years was “Oh my God, you killed kenny!” Fuckin annoying. That is all.

Re: re:

Tonedeff- I like that picture, hella clean <img ALT=“hat”>

Chapelle show last night was hella funny if any of you caught it. “Do you think Mandela doesn’t know what is going on in the streets!”

I do like “I’m Rick James bitch”, but I prefer the disses he makes “I wish I had 2 hands, so I can give them titties, FOUR thumbs down.”

Its all golden

Re: re:

““Foul-mouth Latino, the Dark-skin Cartman”

he’s that fat, too ... just so y’all know.

A. //

Re: re:

oh damn that’s just wrong

Re: re:

I’m Christian…and I probably shouldnt…but I thought that South Park episode on wednesday night was HILARIOUS

oh man that was funny

crazy episode