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Tonedeff Stepping up your vocab

I was looking through an old topic and Tonedeff said something about stepping up your vocab…and well… I want to know what is the best way to go about this. It would help with my writing and the GMAT <!—EZCODE EMOTICON START (—><img ALT=”(”><!—EZCODE EMOTICON END—>

Note if this is off topic or whatever I’m sorry

Re: Stepping up your vocab

just read a lot and write down whatever words you don’t understand. look up the definitions and make a list.
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What epic said,

but the books you should read need to be things like Robert Penn Warren and Ayn Rand. You know, books that have a complicated vocabulary. I also recomend reading ‘House of Leaves’ by Mark Danielewski, that man knows his english.

What epic said,

u shud read Life As We Know IT, thats a great book with a lotta vocab smile

Re: What epic said,

Thanks yall