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Tonedeff Welcome to the Real Music Industry

Just an article I found floating around the web recently.

Its a fairly good read but I think we all knew this anyway.

Fu-k what you’ve heard about the industry to now, fu-k all major record labels and fu-k all major recording artists as well, fu-k Nas, Jay, Em, Nelly, Chingy, Jermaine Dupri, Dr. Dre, Russell Simmons, The ROC, All Of Shady, Desert Storm, R. Kelly, Fabolous, Joe Budden, all mainstream rappers I haven’t mentioned. Let me tell you the real industry….........

I’ve been signed for about 4 months now to a major label and now I wish I never started rapping, producing, or even getting into the music business, I’m going to college. You know why underground rappers never shine?? You wanna know why it’s so hard to get a deal?? You wanna know why some artists can write 6-7 albums while some cats struggle to write one?? You wanna know why It’s more A&R’s that exists on labels than it is actual artists on the label?? You wanna know why Interscope is suppressing the whole Eminem thing??

Here Goes…....

Most cats believe they can get a deal by spittin’ some sick lyrics or making some good songs, wrong. You know what labels do?? A&R’s don’t look for artists, not at all, Labels sign around 25 artists per decade and then freeze signings. A&R’s don’t go look for the next big artists, they look for hit songs and writing pools and people who can sing backup vocals. A&R’s aren’t worried about finding artists with star quality that have interesting backgrounds, oh no, not at all.

Here’s how they do rappers…......Raping-U-Records artists are starting to get old and played out so they send an A&R out to find a punkass rapper who lives in a respectable area. Next, they make sure the artist is marketable, then they’ll sign the artist. Now Rapper A has a record deal with no previous history of rapping, next the label will setup a front to make it look like they discovered the artist (might sign a kid first, then set it up to make it look like this kid was rapping in front of a crowd at a gas station where a highly known A&R just happened to be getting gas from).

Next, they’ll sit down with the artist and have this reality talk to them, explaining to them that the industry is a business and none of this is real. Now, they’ll overexagerate their background and even lie about their age and where they grew up, they’ll push a suburban to a harder area then they’re really from. They find a an angle (pop’s died, parents divorced, got shot, sold drugs, friend died) and push that angle to build the artist sentimental respect (who likes a punk who lived a perfect life??). They’ll use that angle to build a story around them and how that event or events affected them.

Now, they hit the studio, right?? Wrong!! Now here is what real A&R’s are meant for. They’ll send out their A&R’s and stupid cats like me will kill to get the demo in their hands, once these A&R’s have a good number of SOLICITED demo’s they’ll tell Rappers B, C and D to send the label some material. Rappers B, C and D think they might get a deal, so they get their demo package together with Bio, Pic’s, Press Kit and the actual demo. They probably tellin’ their guys that they finna get signed and ish. Wrong….....

Now A&R B is at the label listening to the demos of Rapper B, C and D. A&R B doesn’t care for anything but the songs. A&R B is really feeling Rapper B and D’s demo’s (capable hit songs) but not Rapper C. So that’s when Rapper C gets the rejection letter. Now the A&R is interested in Rapper B & D’s material, so they’ll write them and ask them to send more material, now B & D really think they’re gonna get signed.

A&R B listens again and feels as if Rapper D isn’t as good as he thought he was but still feels Rapper B. Now he sends a rejection letter to Rapper D. Now the contact is made with Rapper B and a meeting is set up. Sounds lovely right?? Keep Reading….A&R B and Rapper B and a few exec’s have a meeting and now Rapper B is hit with REALITY. A&R B explains the real music business and gives Rapper B a choice, either walk out that door and be forever blackballed or the alternative.

You remember Rapper A, right?? Rapper B has been hit with the reality that he will never be a star. Rapper B just sent in about 10 songs to A&R B which were purchased and now will be on Rapper A’s album. Rapper B is now merely part of a writing pool, he will continue to make songs under the supervision of an A&R, only not for himself, for everyone else. Now Rapper B sends about 10-20 songs to Rapin-U-Records every 3 months and now Rapper A, Rapper X, Rapper J and Singer T go through Rapper B’s material as well as the other hundred’s of Rappers and Singers that are merely writing pools material and pick which song they want on their album.

Now here is where the process takes place, Rapper A chooses 3 songs from Rapper B, 4 songs from Rapper Y and 2 songs from Singer U to make an album. Rapper A might want to do his own song so the label gives Rapper A 2 slots to do his own songs. When the album is finished, starving artists in writing pools are paid off and SILENCED. Now you can read the credits and see Rapper A’s name all over, but it’s to fool you, the sheep, the cats who buy the albums and the stupid chickenheads that believe anything in writing.

Rapper A has candy stories and rumors started by people at the label that grow and make the Rapper more respectable, more harder and more controversial to keep the life span of Rapper A alive. Guess what?? If an A&R finds someone else who’s making better songs than Rapper B, they cut him off and blackball him to keep him silenced, it’s that simple, fuk what you heard and believe. Beef?? Real or fake?? Ima tell you this, more beef’s in the past and present then you brainwashed muthafukaz will ever believe are fake, some are real but even then you’ll believe what you want. Once Rapper A falls off (not lyrically, not songwise) marketwise, they drop them and a new era of MUSIC INDUSTRY BULLSH*T arises.

And that’s just the rappers, I’m not even going to get into producing, all Ima say is that most of your respectable producers are merely NAMES, you believe PRODUCER B is ths ish?? PRODUCER B can produce, but how do you think they can produce so many hot songs at one time?? They don’t, a label will send out A&R’s to find clones (people who’ve been influenced and therefore have the same sound) of the producer and the same process as with Rapper’s A, B, C and D will spark up with producers too. THINK ABOUT IT….....

Why do think it took Twista and Memphis Bleek so long to come out again, huh?? Cuz they wanted to write their own albums and didn’t want to fall victim, too bad that’s not for most of the ROC. Why do you think Ali Vegas will probably never drop and even when he drops, watch what happens…...Why do you think 50 Cent couldn’t get a deal after Trackmasters?? How come the Bravehearts took so long?? And then didn’t even get pushed, promoted or even have money put behind them?? Hey Chicago, where is 3Piece?? Why do you think both MTV MC Battles promised Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella Contracts but Reignman’s on his own label and Wreckognize aint on the Roc?? How come Shawnna got shelved?? Why did Universal lie about Nelly’s age?? Why did it take Jin some 2 and a half years to come out with a single?? Where the hell is Postaboy?? What did Mase get exposed to that made him choose God over Millions of dollars?? Cats know the truth and don’t like it, it’s that simple…....

How would you like it if you’ve been rapping since you were 7, been hustlin demos, doing meaningless talent showcases and then you finally get a deal at age 20 and now you’ve become Rapper B?? The industry messes people up for real and half these cats who see the Bling Bling and girls think that’s all their is, it’s like finding out God doesn’t really exists and now I’ve become Rapper B.

Sh*t like this gets cats killed for real, the industry is shady and what you’ve seen on TV, them DVD’s, in interviews, VH1, MTV, whatever is nothing but the “GHOST INDUSTRY” that you’ve been led to believe is how it is and none of you have any idea, I hate the music industry, I hate the entertainment business, I’m going to college, getting my degree and am leaving this is behind me, FU*K COLUMBIA RECORDS and most of all, ya’ll can SU*K my D*CK. To the industry heads on here, F*CK U, go ahead, yeah, I’ve broken the silence, only the underground is real, FU*K the industry…....

I’m uppin this til everyone reads it, I thought I was about live out my dream and now I’ve been exposed to the nightmare that is the industry. I was brainwashed, now I’m not, everything I’ve said in this post is the truth, anything you’ve heard or been led to believe is bull, this post applies to all them STUDIO wankstaz…....

Cat’s I know got ghostwriters and songs come from writing pools…......Fuk what you believe….....

Joe Budden
Kanye West
Trick Daddy
Young Gunz
Murphy Lee

And about a bunch of cats I’m too pissed to mention right now…...I’m uppin this til the world blows up, think about this ish seriously and a lot of ish will start to make more sense…...

-Welcome To The Real Music Industry-

Re: Welcome to the Real Music Industry

why drop @#%$ like this on us when we dont give a @#%$...

Why even drop an article without a name or a source ?

that aside…

we know its all about money… we know how record companies work… well atleast most of us do… and still we do what we do…

nothing personal , just think i waste the past few minutes reading some bitch cry about shattered fantasies

Re: Welcome to the Real Music Industry

its hard to believe that there’s a team of skilled songwriters sitting behind rappers spewing the most simplistic lyrics you can ever imagine.
I saw this post on the website it generated from. He mentions Jay Z when Hov is a reputed ghostwriter himself. He’s bitter because he’s Rapper E


CJ, I don’t know the source. Thats why I didn’t post it.

@#%$ didn’t have to read it.

A lot of people don’t know how the industry (possibly) works and have found it interesting on other boards.

Just thought I’d share it. Simple as that.


Word is that the person that wrote that is Canadian MC “Saukrates” who is on Def Jam’s Back Burner…..he couldn’t say who he was cause he’d get sued for Libel!

Re: yo

Very interesting read

makes u think…..

Is very true article…

wah ever happened to wrekonize after beating swan in tha MTV finals…he even said it himself that it was jus a market set-up…


Re: yo

like I said nothing personal that @#%$ just pisses me off


Ok…no probs man.

<img ALT=”)”>

Here’s another very interesting article THE REAL DEAL

THE REAL DEAL (the truth about the music industry)
by Jeriko One of I.L.U. and David Paul of Bomb Hip-Hop

The truth is that big business controls the types of music and artists that get exposure and become popular. The record industry is a $14 billion dollar business. The five major record labels; Sony, Universal, BMG, EMI and Time Warner dominate 85% of the market when it comes to sales of Compact Discs. Leaving only 15% for the hundreds of independent record labels and thousands of artists out there. And when indies get too big or an artist starts making noise these major companies usually pick up the artist or label. This way they control the artist/label, get a percentage of the sales and keep competition to a minimum.


The Big Payoff (radio payola)
Ever wonder why you hear the same songs on the radio all the time? It’s because major record companies are paying radio stations thousands of dollars to play their records! That’s why you rarely, if ever, hear independent music on commercial radio. Most people don’t know that virtually all the pop and rock songs they hear on the radio have been paid for by the major record companies. The record labels pay millions of dollars a year to middlemen (independent radio promoters), referred to as “indies,” who in turn pass on some of that money to radio stations (they get a portion too), which accordingly play what the promoters ask/tell them to. In exchange for paying the stations an annual promotion budget ($100,000 for a medium-size market), the indie becomes the station’s exclusive indie and gets paid by the record companies every time that station adds a new song.

Launching a single at rock radio can cost between $100,000 and $250,000. If the song’s a hit and gets played at hundreds of stations across the country (with added charges for multiple plays a day) the costs can skyrocket enormously. Mercury Nashville president Luke Lewis told attendees at a music conference that his label spent more than $1.5 million on promotion for a Shania Twain single that crossed over to pop radio!

According to payola laws passed by Congress in 1960, it’s a crime for a station employee to accept payment for playing a song if the station fails to notify listeners about the financial arrangement. That’s partially the reason major record labels use huge indie promotion companies like Jeff McClusky and Associates and Tri State Promotions and Marketing, if @#%$ ever happens the promoters will take the fall for it. But no one wants to rock the boat so everyone in the industry keeps their mouth shut and indies make tons of money for basically being nothing more than pay-off people. Overnighted packages stuffed with cash are shipped off to recipients with phony names, American Express money orders made out to programmers and sent to home addresses, travel and vacation packages… all of this is being used by major record labels and independent radio promoters to buy airplay of their songs on the radio. New and independent artists have no chance to receive airplay on radio and listeners are bombarded with the same music hour after hour.

Who pays for all of this? The artist. Most record companies recoup their costs for independent promotion from the artist’s CD royalties - which of course would not be as high if they did not receive radio airplay. And, ironically enough, the radio stations pay as well, since money that might be used for promotions to build a larger audience is instead diverted into radio programmers’ personal bank accounts.


Big Fish Eat Little Fish (monopoly)
There are three companies that own most the radio stations in the US - EMMIS, Radio One and Clear Channel. Over the past two years the Clear Channel company has been on an acquisition binge, spending almost $30 billion on buying radio stations, concert venues and advertising companies. The company is building a “monopolistic multimedia empire” that has decreased competition, reduced consumer choice, and driven up ticket prices for concerts.

Prior to the Telecommunications Act of 1996, a radio company could only own 40 stations nationwide and only four in a particular market. Since that has changed Clear Channel now owns 1,170 radio stations nationwide! One out of every ten radio stations across the United States broadcasts under the Clear Channel


guhhhhh @ clearchannel

Re: -

*ships his demo to Clear Channel*