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Tonedeff Speaking of record companies…

Alright this just puzzles the ever loving @#%$ out of me..
I was checking my e-mail today and I got a rocafella promo newletter.. anyway….

go here


..... wtf ? am I the only one that is absolutely baffled by this @#%$ ? .... I mean , check the roster on the main rocafella page.. notice anything a bit out of place ? I heard about expanding your label but this ? only explanation I can think of is that she’s actually cam’ron in white face..

If this is a new trend in the industry I just hope qn5 doesnt hook up with that red headed kid from american idol Edited by <A >CJVersal</A> at 4/14/04 939 pm

Re: Speaking of record companies…

She’s actually been signed for quite a while homie… her and that chick from the Spice Girls (though I heard she bailed because Dame got caught with narcotics or some @#%$). I’m actually looking forward to more changes like this… just ‘cuz your label is hood doesn’t mean you can’t sign on talent… different talent at that. Cheers. <div style=“text-aligncenter”>
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“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
- Tonedeff</div>

Re: Speaking of record companies…

you sir, need to expand your musical horizons.

radiohead on QN5 in 2005!
dope rappers they come and go, but legendary rappers linger…

Re: Speaking of record companies…

I didnt know. I dont keep up with labels… Just hit me like a change that just isnt supposed to be there… i dunno.. just feels outta place.

Makes sense if you wanna expand the label to do that @#%$ but just doesnt fit the image.

And yo Epic… haha , that’d be crazy


She got a track titled “Pull My Hair Out”...

Who wouldn’t sign her?

Re: yeah

hmm…..Qn5 makin a similar move, starting with odd collaborations…..

just think…. Substantial f/ Dido

Fire!! <img ALT=“rollin”>

Re: yeah

you know what would be hella sick?

Tonedeff & Incubus on one track
or not one track

But a double disc album collab

hell yes….


Tonedeff and some female with pleasant voice would be chill. I love that track he did with Tori Amos vocals, “Circles”.


Dame through the Spice Girl off the label for drug posession? <img ALT=“rollin”>

For some reason I can see Cam laughing *BUSTED!*

Re: Narcotics?

kanye is up there as for twista who cares? haha.. nah im just not a fan of either