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Substantial Bop Alloy

@daya And I appreciate you. The tour was dope. I can honestly say we broke new ground. I hope some of y’all join us next year. We had 7 fans from the US join us on the tour this time. Next year we hope to gain even more fans from around the world and expand it to at least 2 countries.

Taiwan… man! Our best show to date. Packed house and we rocked for a total of 1 hr 40 mins. 2 sets and an encore. Smile

@Enthusiam sure. just cop the album at our Bandcamp site and change the price to whatever you like. I’ll honor the original perks based on your payment. Just let me know when you do it and give me your email address, so I can follow up with you.

Oh, that More Bark Less Bitin Tour in Japan? Ya’ll missed out Smile

Vinyl for this album is now up on bandcamp! Get one now before its too late. Only 300 copies available.