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Tonedeff Lyrics Question

End of Tone’s verse on Arrogant.

Whats the line before the muffled “...thats how I learned to spit G”


Re: Lyrics Question

and while we asking
Whats the last lines on Tone’s first verse of velocity after he says
“Too average to consider surpassing
The task is tedious”

the ecd lyrics says
“the media just feeding me wheaties,
Cause seeing these cheating people’s keeping me steaming.”

but thats not what it sounds like….

Anyone know?

Re: Lyrics Question

don’t even begin to consider to diss me, cause believe it or not i was shot at by ripley - thats how i learned to spit heat

..thats what it sounds like to me, i might be wrong though

as far as the velocity one - you got me on that one lol… ill wait for tones response

while on this topic though, on slogans… “makin moves against the basic music you’re acquainted to while changin the rules, hangin them fools, savin the boom-bap ..... ?????” ...anyone know the lyrics to this part? lol


Yea fr0g, thats what it sounds like to me.

I just don’t get it.




ah ha… it makes sense….thanks for the clarification



Now that I read it the end of that verse makes some sense

thanks Tone


tone never overwrites. He just keeps his original flow and saves as! <img ALT=“8)”> Edited by <A >Kami</A> at 4/13/04 1140 pm

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Quote<hr>tone never overwrites. He just keeps his original flow and saves as! <hr>

hahah Slick. <img ALT=”)”> QN5 Music
[url=] [/url]

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This just reminds me that I have to update this site. lol<hr>

Correction. Frog needs to update this site. [img]http// style=“border0;” ALT=”;)”> <div style=“text-aligncenter”>
<img [/img]
“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
- Tonedeff</div>

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hahah oh yeah.

MUST….....RELINQUISH….......................CONTROL!! QN5 Music
[url=] [/url]

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hmm…anyone got lyrics for tones verses on days chasin days?

Re: -

if Tone goes too fast and rushes and makes errors on the ECD of Archetype…oh man

that would be funny as @#%$


official lyrics always seem to differentiate slightly, for some reason. Keeps people on their toes.

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Re: Lyrics Question

What don’t you understand?

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not - believe it or not I was shot at by “Ripley’s”

That’s how I learned to spit “heat” - it’s a play on words.

But I think I see the confusion. Tone is so advanced that it’s more than just wordplay, he actually uses the sound effects to “paint” the second half of the metaphor (fuckin genius, I hate you Tone! <img ALT=”)”> lol). So in the sound track, you hear a bullet hitting bone, which is Tone catching the bullet Ripley shot, in his teeth. And then you hear him “thwooo—-!” spit it out.

Thus Tone spits “heat” (like when people say they got “heat” on ‘em), plus it’s like the bullet is mad hot anyway, but that may be a little interjection on my part.

That’s how much Tone “spit’s heat” muhfuckas!

explanation courtesy of GMS “the Mad Forum Post-er” (am I right tone?)


Re: Lyrics Question

In Arrogant
Anyone know what Rise says after he says My girl said I love you I said I cant blame you at all

I never got the next line….


Sounds to me something like…

Y’all just orbiting around me, you don’t thank me for favours
Y’all stop existing when I fall asleep, be grateful when I stay up

Hmm…the ‘favours’ part doesn’t seem right.

Re: ...

Sorry to thread jack, but I have a question on lyrics as well…

What song starts off

“I am the epitomy of mentally fit lyrical wizardry…” and I kinda loose it from there..

Im just curious, Ive been saying that line all day and Id like to know what that song is, thanks.

Re: ...

The song you’re talking about is called “Detonator.”