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Substantial :: Official Substantial/Burns Discussion Thread ::



o man…we are in for some shit this tuesday! i can’t wait, shit sounds amazing

Fuckin word. This is a lil bit longer than I expected too, even though there’s a couple interludes. Tuesday’s my day off from school, but I might wake up at 8am for this anyway. hahaha

God.. and then SJv2 just a couple weeks later? I think if CATM and/or IFHR are released within the next 3 months too I’m gonna go into shock.

I’m bangin this shit right now.


This might be the worst time to be flat broke. ARG! My next paycheck is done.

copped with amazon gift card Very Happy
listening now. double Very Happy

JLee said:copped with amazon gift card Very Happy
listening now. double Very Happy

You are a gentleman and a scholar!

I really wasn’t expecting to hear an ill ass QN5 release at 3 a.m. when I wasn’t expecting it. This EP is dope, I didn’t know how to take a strictly digital release, but this is quality Substantial. I’m kinda blown away by this, cause I didn’t even know it was dropping. The tracks on here are ill and I think the Substan sound has grown or is growing. This is some of his best work so far. Got it on iTunes.

*Halfway through album, ahem, EP*

Logicool, The Memo, and WWKYA Tour are ridiculous

Stan somehow manages to get better with each release he puts out
what is that? it’s not normal.

Do What We Gotta do’s beat didn’t sit well with me. Just didn’t do much for me musically. Hoping it’s one of those beats that grows on me. Kokayi is nice though.
How long till we get a Tonedeff/Kokayi/Deacon singing trio?

JLee said:
How long till we get a Tonedeff/Kokayi/Deacon singing trio?

Haha, that would actually be dope as fudge!

I’m still on “Nobody Cares” but this shit is ill as fuuuuuuuck!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever nodded my head so hard at 7am.

I will be buying when I get home from work. Doesn’t seem like it will disappoint (when does it ever?).

Just downloaded, very pleasant surprise! The production is ill, any more info on this Burns fellow? And like usual, Stan kills it.

gonna cop it this week, any plans on physical release down the road?

Man, this really is a cool EP. Every track is dope in its own right lyrically and production-wise, and all the guest spots are good to say the least (in some cases fucking crazy). I think the sound/effect of “The Memo” comes out a lot stronger after listening to it along with the whole EP vs. as a single.

My favorite things:

-The extremely quotable line I’ve seen Substantial post elsewhere from “It’s Showtime!”: We do this for a livin’. We’re livin’ when we do it. So the music is a given. What you givin’ to the music?
-“A Reason to Smile”
-Kokayi’s hook on “Do What We Gotta” & the second verse of the track. I really wanna hear this done live.
-Everyone’s work on the hook of “Logicool” is sooo smooth. Love the beat for the song & the outro/interlude instrumentation.. whatever you wanna call it.
-“Nobody Cares” is a banger if you ask me. I’d love to see this track done live too.
-The bass in “Open All of My Soul.” It knocks just as hard as the lyrics do.
-“The Memo (Move Me)” sounds even better with the whole EP vs. as a single, and the instrumental piece afterwards is so so sick.
-“The WWKYA Tour” is just crazy awesome. This is the kinda eFamm I miss and am happy to hear some up-to-date shit from.

Nitroxide said:Any plans on physical release down the road?

No sir. Digital-Exclusive.

I’m going to have to wait until 27th to cop this it seems. I’ll be dropping some money that day between this and the CL pre-order! For now though i’ll just spin the single Very Happy

Wow I didn’t even see that one coming. I thought SJV2 was the next QN5 joint to drop.Pleasently surprised. Very Happy Listening to it right now ^^

This EP is redonkulous. The thing is I can’t really contain my excitement with it.. I’ve just been banging it in the background and haven’t even began to dig through the depth of it yet. I can’t wait to dissect the lyrics but at the same time, this is such a dope soundtrack to pretty much every daily activity I participate in.

“Fuck Sub and them, I’ll smack him son.
Rather hear some real shit about gats and guns, man!”


JLee said:

“Fuck Sub and them, I’ll smack him son.
Rather hear some real shit about gats and guns, man!”


A real, super-butchy, man-voiced Mallory.

Downloading from iTunes now, will review it for my site soon.

I’m just curious to know your thoughts on the EP after having a week or so to soak in the EP. Likes, dislikes, questions, feedback on the features, etc. There’s a lot of gems and secrets in here and we haven’t touched on most of them so lets build folks. Smile

Dislike: Open All of My Soul and I have something like a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I feel like skipping it. Probably the only song I ever skip. The production doesn’t fit with me sometimes depending on my mood and shit. It’s like the beat knocks when you want/expect it to be smoother at times due to the topic discussed in the music (like the part after the 2nd verse). But like I said, sometimes all that’s out the window and I’m diggin it.

Question: How in the world could Stan possibly restrain himself from dropping some ill shit over the instrumental at the end of The Memo (Move Me)? lol That bit is sooo nice.

Likes: WWKYA Tour, Logicool, and The Memo (Move Me) are probably my favorite tracks. All the cuts on the project are pretty nice also. A Reason to Smile is cool as hell.

Features: E-Famm killed it, no if’s and’s or but’s about that. Captial ID’s delivery is nice and smooth for Logicool and Steph’s vocal work is on point as always. Kokayi is a master of the hook. Wealth’s verse is cool and fits well with the subject and everything for Nobody Cares, but it’s my least favorite guest spot.

I really haven’t digested it yet but the EP really has a good vibe and I love the way Substantial continues integrating jazz into hip-hop, its definitely something that is catching on all over.


Nobody Cares - badass beat, stan wrecks it, keeps my head noddin the whole time

The Memo - good beat, good message. like how Stan keeps it real for the love of the music. the beat at the end is probably my favorite beat on the EP, its a MUST that it becomes a full length song

It’s Showtime - really fun song, would be a great live song, bangin beat, i like that electric piano or whatever it is

Favorite Feature: E-Famm wrecked it and brought the classic humor along

Dislikes: Open All of My Soul is a good song, but i feel like the sample doesnt work well with the beat.

Overall, a really solid EP. Theres not a single song that i don’t like. Burns’ production is on point and so are Stan’s lyrics. The EP feels like a whole, it flows well, and the songs work well together. This is the first digital album I’ve ever bought as I try to stick to physical, but this was well worth the purchase.

i’d give it a 8.5/10

great EP, lookin forward to more from Substantial/Burns

I second Trashman’s comment. I’m a big fan of the jazz and hip-hop mix.
Awesome EP, I can’t wait to see whats next.

Nobody Cares, It’s Showtime and The Memo (Move Me) are all absolutely dope, Logicool is fresh as hell and The W.W.K.Y.A. Tour is good fun and good value as well. A lot of this still needs time and more listens to sink in, so needless to say it’ll be on good rotation for a bit. Really satisfying so far.

Yo this EP is pretty dope. Finally bought it today (best believe i’ll be emailin my receipt once i git it) and have given it a few listens.

It’s Showtime—Awesome opener. Love the vocal sample. Would be cool to hear live…
A Reason to Smile—AWsum! Love instros.
Do What We Gotta—Eeehhh. Don’t like the beat. Don’t like the vocal effect. Kokayi’s hook is cool, but sounds like he was 10 feet from the mic when recording.
Logicool—My fave track! Dope ass beat. Capital ID is smooth. Voice kinda reminds me of Wyclef from the first Carnival album. Steph is harmonious. I like this track a lot.
Nobody Cares—I like the message here… but not the song as much. Wealth is ok.
Open All of My Soul—Solid track right here.
Move Me—Honestly, when I first heard this I was ‘meh.’ But now I like it a lot. Strange how that happens sometimes. Dope outtro as well.
W.W.K.Y.A—AWsum. Period.

Overall this EP has great fluidity to it. The interludes aren’t annoying at all—one thing I hate about a LOT of hiphop albums. If anything, they add to the EP. The instros lead into other songs and make it feel like a cohesive project. Very pleased with my first album/EP purchase from iPoons! Co-sign Steph’s statement bout Stan changing his name to “Consistent,” cuz all the raps are on point! But don’t change your name.

Thanks for the feedback thus far.

A couple of facts for you guys: (I’ll add on once a week. Remind me if I slip up.)

Fact 1: The interlude beat after Move Me. It was added after I finished recording & mixing all of the vocals for this project. When Burns sent it back to Tone and I with the interlude beats, I was blown away by it too. I might work on something for it if the demand is there but right now I’m wrapping up other projects.

Fact 2: Wealth (featured on Nobody Cares). He’s actually my nephew. I figured on a song where I talk about urban youth, who better to illustrate their view than one of them. To me hip-hop is just another type of youth/community work. It’s a great way to let people know what’s really going on.

Fact 3: The cuts. Burns did the cuts on “It’s Showtime”. The cuts in the background of Logicool are vocal cuts done by me. And the cuts on Nobody Cares are by DJ FlipFlop.

Hey Stan, is there any sort of back cover to this? I’ve just copped off Amazon and figured i’d burn a copy and stick it in a slimline.