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Tonedeff Who thinks Tone shud UPDATE THIS SITE!!!?!?


Re: Who thinks Tone shud UPDATE THIS SITE!!!?!?

god for real…feed the fans some input!!!!!!


all the sites will be gettin updates and/or facelifts soon enough mane…

Re: word…

and i want a reallly BIG BIG BIG update <img ALT=”;)”>

Re: word…

for real, i’m getting tired of seein my mug on the front page. i’m almost celebrity status offa this <img ALT=“lol”>
dope rappers they come and go, but legendary rappers linger…


I give a @#%$ about the site..

I just wanna hear Archetype and CATM

Re: k

with all those damn shows…theres gotta be a new Arche-thoughts in the mix sometimes…c’mon!!!!

that top 5 list has been outdated…those things dont even exist anymore

how bout some news??? what percentage is done with CATM?

give us something!


Facelifts… uuuuu official!


i think tone should do the opposite…and like….put his site back how it was like 2 years ago or something….as a “throwback”

kids love throwbacks

Re: naw

Tone isn’t updating the site until Archetype drops, which is unfortunate, since he’s basically paying for webspace that he isn’t going to update until the year 2007. <div style=“text-aligncenter”>
D_1173.gif style=border0;
“Don’t need a copy of Microsoft Office to Excel… Word.”
- Tonedeff</div>

Re: naw

good GOD! 2007!