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Substantial My Favorite Things tee

I think Stan said somewhere that some of the shirts were sent to Moose Shirts but they never put them up for sale.

People are asking me what I want for Christmas and I’ve got nothing to really tell them. Can something be done, even if it’s post-christmas time? haha

who rules? this girl rules.

all it took was a phone call. don’t know why they don’t have the ladies version up on the site but I bet if you email them they’ll hook you up.

PretendGirl said:who rules? this girl rules.

Indeed you do. You’re awesome! Thanks.

Jill <3

If you place an order within the next couple hours, here’s a 30% off Moose Squad 72 hour coupon that started on the weekend but ends tonight (Tuesday): 30mssumcl10


edit: just copped 3 QN5 and 2 Akomplice tees for $78 w/free shipping. YUP!!!

Finally got one of these. Wearing it now, probably one of my favourite Tees - >_>

I actually just noticed this one two or three days ago and thought it was awesome. Surely the next tee I’ll buy.