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Kokayi Bright Outloud EP

This EP’s really, really dope.

Paper Chaser, For Sure Busted, and Low alone are worth the price of the whole 6-track collab with Sharkey (who you might remember from “Monster Maker” with C-Rayz Walz).

I wasn’t really feeling Nasty Girl when it was posted on the blog, but when I listened to the song with the rest of the Dastardly project, I actually grew to like it. You should go check it out & pick it up if you didn’t. Smile

This EP along with All Hail have got me real interested in what Robots & Dinosaurs will be like..


“tonedeff: Listening to the skeleton of @kokayi’s forthcoming QN5 debut album, Robots & Dinosaurs. Folks have NO idea. QK10 FTMFW.” posted Monday

“It’s THAT serious” Smile

yup. EP definitely is dopeness.
give up Starbucks coffee for two days and then spend it on this EP folks. It’ll get you more amped than caffeine anyways (side note: there’s a E in caffeine?! since when?)

I’m expecting Kokayi to catch a lot of people off guard when his next album drops

JLee said:I’m expecting Kokayi to catch a lot of people off guard when his next album drops

Like whoa.

Just got this EP and I’m so glad I did. This is literally a party starter for all those looking for a good time. It’s a funky, upbeat club banger! He is one of the most versatile artists in the world, is there anything he can’t do?

Cannot wait for Robot & Dinosaurs Very Happy

ha, I know of Sharkey because of a song he did with Jean Grae called ‘Summer In the City (Lovin’ It)’ which is crazycrazy good

This EP is slept on as all hell.

QN5 said:This EP is slept on as all hell.

I found out about it like, about 14 seconds ago.

Gotta check this tomorrow.

I’m not really sure why I slept on it for as long as I did, but Osiris played this nonstop when we were in NY last month, so I bought it as soon as I got back home. Since then, everywhere I’ve played it I’ve had people ask me what it was. I put “My House” on a mix that I gave to a few people and it got more comments than anything else. Played the whole EP on the way down to LA this past weekend and it was pretty much the only time everyone in the car shut up so they could hear the music.

I keep wanting to slip a copy to the guy who teaches the hip hop dance class at this place where I drum, because the stuff they dance to has a similar BPM but frankly kind of sucks…

Each one teach one!

“Nasty Girl” murks parties! I was hella impressed with Sharkey’s production on this album. Super-clean, upbeat and interesting. And yeah… slept on. When will it ever end, folks? lol

Kokayi really caught my attention during the 09’ Megashow and will a title like Robots and Dinosaurs I’m greatly anticipating this album! I must say Paper Chaser is dope.

Only reason why I have yet to get this is I was hoping sharkey/kokayi would have some physical copies(which Im sure were not ina large ammount and long gone) So tomorrow I plan to buy this….. is itunes bad???

not for anything but amazon screwed up when I tried to DL some required program so you could listen to the mp3s?? I really just want the simplest way to just purchase and listen to the music

You have to download a program for amazon that downloads the mp3s but you don’t have to have it to listen to them. I find amazon’s stuff really easy to use.

thugged0utcubscout said: So tomorrow I plan to buy this….. is itunes bad???

Nah, dude…iTunes is great cause they actually cut muffuckas checks. Unlike other distributors we’ve dealt with. Buy it however it’s most convenient for you and thanks for your support.

Fuck I wish I’d gotten on to this earlier. It’s been missing from my life.

Is this going to be put on Bandcamp by any chance? I am kind of a quality whore and if flac is an option I am there. If not then Amazon is more than good enough. I have slept on this for WAY too long, and RoxTar made me revisit the snippets to find my new love.Thanks!