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Substantial [RELEASE] Bop Alloy ‘Why the World Weeps’/‘Universe Works’ 7” Single

Same deal folks, but for the 2nd single!


Listen here:

The vinyl of Bop Alloy’s 2nd single, “Why the World Weeps” was released in Japan on April 17th, and has quickly become the top pick of several different Japanese music sites. You can buy the vinyl at any of these sites:



As always, the translations are kind of tough to deal with, but Hi-Hat Records is usually the easiest to purchase from since they have an “overseas” form for us Amurricans.

Mapped out some steps for yall to make the journey a little bit easier:
1. Go to
2. Type “Bop Alloy” into the search and click on the picture (as shown above).
3. Click “Add to Cart”
4. Click on the button to the right…it should have an arrow that looks similar to this “——->”.
5. Click “Overseas Customer” and you’ll be good to go from there.

Let us know how the process goes.

Follow us on twitter too.

By the way, for full preview visit my bandcamp site:

By the way, I know we mentioned this before but I figured it deserved it’s own thread.

Bop Alloy for the fucking win.

these songs all sound GREAT… Still Think Different is just…i am speechless

damn-it why do i have to be broke now..hope there are some left ina week

Hey folks,
I fixed the link for “Universe Works” (ft. Steph the Sapphic Songstress). You can listen to the full length preview here:


Got mine in the mail from Juno Records today.. Why The World Weeps is so, so dope. I’m a sucker for jazzy horns. Everybody brings it on these tracks.

I’m loving this, looking forward to more! Smile

Tip of the iceberg my friends. Can’t express how proud I am of this record.

Substantial said:Tip of the iceberg my friends. Can’t express how proud I am of this record.

I can’t express how happy i’ll be when my ears get to listen to this smile. Keep it up stan

incredibly dope…
cant wait