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PackFM :: Official IFHR Album Discussion Thread ::

The album just dropped. Give us your thoughts!

+ Be sure to Rate/Review @ Amazon & iTunes!

I’m up to Wanna Know, and so far: WOW.

The beat to the titular track is banananananas. The Show was hilarious as shit, I don’t know why Tone saying “Paul’s a trekkie” had me burst into uncontrollable laughter.

I’m glad to hear that Wanna Know has the MF Doom line, I thought that was part of “I F*cking Hate Rappers”, that’s how the acapella sounded, at least.

I’ll post my thoughts later, once I get my Kanye Look down. Bahahahaha.

So THAT’S where Ill Conglomerate was from… hahahaha

“that’s not true! I make beats!” hahahaha

I’m VERY glad Sire has a third verse.

I was just about to ask what time it was gonna drop and saw this.


shits dope, fav track so far has to be Here We Go (Come On)

buying this in the morning… 15 dollars left in my bank account, i feel that 10 should go to this so plz don’t disappoint! i know u won’t…

amazing! Almost every line is a quotable and the beats get you HYPED. It took me forever to get to the end of the CD cuz I had to keep pulling the tracks back. I really appreciate the effort that went into making this album. I’m in awe; I think my mind split open.

i have 2 interviews today so i stopped drinking early and went to bed. woke up at 7am and remembered it dropped. so far at Take Our Place…. yeaaahhhhhh

I had to force myself to listen the whole way through without replaying every track (even the skits in some cases). Easily my favorite album this year. First of all, Pack murders each track with his energy, flow, wit and wordplay. Second, each beat complements the MC’s and singer (Deacon The Villain). Whoever mixed all of these joints deserves mad credit as well, for making the album sound phenomenal from front to back. I noticed changes within Sire and Absolutely Positively (for the better) and Nasty, which I had heard before, still was a treat to listen to. I give this album a 9/10 and will have to keep listening to this CD all week. Can’t wait for the 2 Rage editions I ordered! PackFM, ftmfw! QN10 bitch!

YES YES YES YES YES YES! What neverbetter said is so true. I can’t concentrate, I just wanna listen to every track 100 times all at once to take everything in.

More thoughts to come when I catch my breath, damn.

The album is FIRE! Haven’t even heard the whole thing yet but seriously, it’s just incredible.

I f*cking LOVE ‘The Support Group’!

just DLed, time to experience the album properly

“The kanye look? you mean gay?”

I just DL’ed on the way to work…listening now

I’m hoping the lack of responses in this thread is because everyone’s mind is completely blown from the album.

This album is straight up nasty. I have only been able to listen to it on the crappy headphones I have here at work. Can’t wait to get home and give it a proper listen. Plus then I can concentrate more on what Pack is rhyming, as it can be difficult to work and pay close attention at times Smile

Every time Pack is like “you rap?” or “acting?” I can’t help but bust up laughing. His comedic inflection and timing is perfect. That is all.

Fuck itunes and fuck amazon’s ‘geographical’ fucking bullshit Sad

Want my rage edition! happy

Blazer_Nation said:Whoever mixed all of these joints deserves mad credit as well, for making the album sound phenomenal from front to back.

Wink Gracias! My ears are numb.

GhettoGnom said:Fuck itunes and fuck amazon’s ‘geographical’ fucking bullshit Sad

According to our distributor, the album should be available in the following iTunes spots:

  1. iTunes U.S.
  2. iTunes Australia/N.Z.
  3. iTunes Canada
  4. iTunes UK/European Union
  5. iTunes Japan
  6. iTunes Mexico

Is that not the case?

Album is nice and I love the skits. Open-toed timberlands haha.

Just got to wait until i’m paid on Thursday. Can’t wait.

‘Sire’ got a third verse?!? O.M.F.G.

Looks like Hyperbole stepped up his game, from open mics to headlining shows.

I’d pay to see that!

Album is bangin’.

The skits definitely ALL work. They’re either hilarious, fit together with a track, or both.

“Ask him about his sister!” hahahahaha

The actual music is alllll cool. The title track is crazy. The beat is a damn banger and Pack pumped it full of quotables. “Nasty” sounds even better than before - one of my favorite tracks.

“Wanna Know” is easily one of my Top 3 songs. Pack’s rhymes, Kno’s production, and Deacon’s always-getting-better singing abilities are an amazing collaboration. Felt a little odd the first time with the IFHR acapella verse being part of the song - but after listening to the album nearly 10 times already, that’s no problem.

“The Kanye Look” is funny as hell. “I wanna reproduce someday.” “I don’t remember people in the 80’s dressin like faggots.” ... Then “Flux Capacitor” is a fuckin banger. J-Zone’s a crazy producer.

“Take Our Place” is some stuff I could definitely use more in my life. Dominion FTMFW!

The Poison Pen skit and collab is pretty funny ... “punch you in your chin, all three of them shits” etc etc ... “Tough Talk” reminds me of some E-Famm stuff with the comedic battle rap feel. I dig it.

“Here We Go (Come On)” didn’t have as big of an appeal to me as the other tracks on the first couple listens, but probably because it seems like it’d be 100x better live. Still not a bad song at all.

I stopped listening to “Sire” way back when.. really glad it got some new things added here and there plus the new verse really puts some new life into it.

“I F*cking Like Everything” is one of my favorite songs. It’s like the new version of Good Combination.. but totally different. haha And I definitely agree with a bunch of the same stuff. A very cool feel-good song.

“Closure” is fuc-king hilarious. “Why?” “80s n*gga.” hahaahaha..

Too many dope lines to digest right now for posting quotables beyond the skit tracks, but Pack is definitely “the PackFM in his prime you pretendin to be.”

^^^ yea too much dope shit to talk about ... gotta get back to listening the album

Clever and fresh (as in not what you hear everyday) lyrics + great beats + hilarious skits + greatly structured album.. what more can you ask for?

“I f*cking like everything” makes for such a contrast, it’s great..

The message behind the album is just superb, I laugh everytime I see a foolish comment like “IFHR? lol ur a rappa too”

love it

you need the kanye look

what? you mean gay?

i have listened to this album for the entire day on repeat. i am simply in love. i will definitely post my in-depth thoughts once i am a little more settled taking it all in but sweet McJesus this shit bangs

i can’t believe how amazing this album flows together!

I believe this is my first or second post here. Anyway, just got the album and god damn I’m in love with it! Did Kno produce Wanna Know? I’d love to have that instrumental!

Dope album PackFM, it’s your first one I purchased. Smile Definitely in the top 3 so far this year, along with Vinnie Paz’s.

listening now.
Wanna Know is siiiicccckkkkk. Kno you a fool.

Very dope album. I am concerned with something on “Wanna Know” though.

Did PackFM bite Joe Budden or did Joe Budden bite PackFM? Both that MF Doom line and the Wii controller line were spit, almost verbatim, on a track by Joe Budden & Royce Da 5’9” called “40/40” that came out around 12/09-1/10. Normally I’d say coincidence, but the lines were almost unchanged and spit on the same track.

What are the odds?