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Tonedeff Tonedeff & Packfm - “Thats What Happens” [Produced by: Algorythm]

new track that pack and tone performed at the ifhr release party, 2dopeboyz just posted it,

this track is so fucking sick. tone’s flow is crazy!

I do like Tone’s flow a lot

i was blown away when they sent the final version. i really appreciate the time they took to create something for the project. booom.

That’s Tonedeff? I’ve been Auralarian of the Month for more than two years and I didn’t see that coming. Full of fuckin’ surprises.

The chemistry between Tone and Pack is always fantastic. They sound perfect on songs together. That’s an understatement. After Chico & the Man, I’m putting in a formal request (and starting a campaign) for a Tone & Pack album.

Don’t act like you don’t want to do it, Tone.

Cannot wait to check this when I get home. Considering what peoe are saying im wondering if this is the song Tone was talking about when he said he’d cracked a new flow / rhyme scheme on twitter.

^^^ i dont think it is because i think i remember him posting about this song before that post…. regardless, the rhyme scheme for both him and pack on this track is fucking insane

Oh shiiit. Every time my interest on CATM begins to die because of the wait, Tone releases something new like this and I remember why it is one of the most anticipated albums. This really blew my mind.

Every time the track starts I think Brian is Tone lol.

Same here! I did a double take at first. I couldn’t wait for a spliced convo between Tone and Stewie.

I’ve had a go at the lyrics to Tone’s first verse. Had to have a good look at those multi’s!! Haha. Shit is awesome, but there’s definately some mistakes in my draft, the lines with (??) are kinda guesses.

I not a millionaire but kid i’ve got a million ways to rhyme,
But a skill to spare with wit to top the illest frame of mind,
Like a military hit upon civilian stations i’m,
Equipt to kill if all the shit your probabily really ain’t advised,(??)
If you’re willing to pay the price i’ll hold the count,
Lifes a revolving door cause money give from goin’ in your goin’ out,
Funny, since I hold the clip, you owe me now,
Dummys lip like holy shit, that fuckin’ Tone’s just as quick when you slow him down,
Most ridiculous show in town, hold no interest in yours cause now,
Headliners don’t perform to this, sync their lips and support the crowd,
So im infamous world renowned, for my gifts when i’m beastin’ with Jesus,
When I leave people speechless how will I get word of mouth?
I’m a mixture of Roman power, Olympian breathin’, the flow is twistin,
Sea sick with motion, sickness aboard the ground,
The known risk isn’t worth the drownin’, don’t slip, supreme with my sword,
And my war steez, is to toak a stick on the court with power,
More witnesses sworn and bound to rat on you cats, cause once the gavels tapped,
And that your rap po, pick of his corner flower,
When we puttin an end to this plenty pricks in New York was sour,
Now business is infinite, ain’t no click that gets more than ours,
The mission is simple, just deliver hits to these hoards of followers,
Fix up the tours and vibe with them hip on the corporate prowlers, (??)
Now this is a movement, not that bullshit that you force through bowels,
Existance of QN5, start enlisting your mourners now, ya cowards.

I’ll have a go at Pack’s when I get my mind back, it’s just melted lol.

chris said:Let me try:

Son of a fucking bitch!!!

That took me like 30 minutes.


I did enjoy it though I guess **kicks rocks**


Tone truthfully, there is a part of packs verse that just goes on and on and on
I want to know, did he cut any of that flow, because if he didn’t then his breath control
was well off the chart, I haven’t seen someone do that in a long time, I mean I can
understand if you don’t want to tell me, I can ask pack himself I don’t mind, but to me
his verse was dope, your verse was dope as well hahaha but I’m used to your pureness
of the song, and not taking anything away from pack because I love him to bits…..
BUT that was one of the dopest drops I have heard from him…!!
(he will love this comment in the tone section I’m sure lol)

Anyone my post should have really started off like this

Dope track I cant lie I loved it, the beat as well, and the start hahaha
“give me money” lol ... that’s a wicked sketch of family guy right there
Both verses went well on the beat it was a good listen
the bounce time was nice, both flows went on bounce precisely accurate

Amingo got the know how on lockage lol

I dunno man, I think verse splicing is a trick of the trade thats kept pretty hush hush. Im not sure, maybe every artist does it every verse I really aint sure. If the guys on QN5 use some variation of Tones flow notation system I dont think it would be neccassary but I aint sure whether its something thats done in the studio or not.

Amingo my guess is no seeing how they did it live