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QN5 Discussion Tone & Pack - The Comic Series

Awesome.. love the track listing.

These would work really well in the fanzine btw..

dude CLASSIC. that tracklist is perfect as fuck.

“Sorry, we can’t find “”. We suggest that you check the spelling of the web address or search above”

boooooo. hahaha

lol! tracklisting is definitely my favorite part

This is just too good.

haha that is so good. These need to be printed and handed out at the next megashow!

Holy shit! That was fucking inspriring. The funny part is…I’m pretty sure I’ve had this convo with Pack at some point. hahah


Fantastical work, my man! Shit made my weekend.

Epic Aesthetic said:These would work really well in the fanzine btw..

Great idea, I’ll hit up chris on that.

QN5 said:I’m pretty sure I’ve had this convo with Pack at some point. hahah


I know nothing! Haha seriously though when I think about it you HAD to have had this convo before.

Thanks guys. Glad yall liked it. I soon as I posted it though I wanted to change the ending panel with Pack. I might change it up here in a minute.

I also got way into the tracklisting! Each track has a concept and I started to write a faux review of the album. I even got a catchy hook for Jizzawn LOL! But yeah I scrapped that idea.

EDIT: ending panel changed.

“hahaha. That’s brilliant.” - Becky Cloonan

that was more than great
made me laugh
;D ;D

I like how Tone gets a sausage nose and Pack’s is way more detailed hahaha

These are ridiculous!! Ha ha ha!!

GiNaBiNa05 said:me gusta!

It’s the ghost of GinaBina! Welcome back, sweetheart.

I thought that name sounded familiar.

Ok, I feel inspired. Time to stop lazying around and work on chapter 4.


QN5 said:

GiNaBiNa05 said:me gusta!

It’s the ghost of GinaBina! Welcome back, sweetheart.

i could never leave for good Smile

looking forward to chapter 4!!!

hopefully i catch it before chapter 5!

*waits patiently for next edition*


Working on the last page now.

hahaha fuckin dopenesssss

Password protected as well, you that worried about someone stealing it?!

This is guaranteed to be funny.


lol at the file size. i would love to come across that.

Haha this is Genius! I declare Incaspic the AMOG!

Move In, Unpack = my favsies.

^ Move In, Unpack is the obligatory ballad track that ends each Tonedeff album. It’s about settling down, completely contrasting the rest of the EP. I really should finish that faux review sometime.

In the meanwhilst, this one goes out to Tone!

Click image


Subtle, no?

Pack’s face at the sight of his sidekick. laugh inducing

How did Tone untie himself?
Meh, don’t care, the comic is great (as always)! I could read a whole book of these.
You sir, have maaaad paint skills!

Awesome stuff again. I’m actually hearing Tone and Pack’s voices when I read their lines… Tho for some reason I just can’t get the shouty “wait!” bit from Tone… Just doesn’t sound right… Tone just seems too laid back and jovial (can’t think of another word). I can’t imagine him ever shouting

Best one yet - by a long shot (and the others were great). The MIB thing was pure genius.

This is absolutely amazing! The MIB thing, I have to agree with Epic Aesthetic on.. Pure genius! I don’t care how Tone untied himself, this is so on-point with on-going impatience on the board..

Looking forward to future projects Smile