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Kokayi :: Robots & Dinosaurs - Official Discussion Thread ::

After listening to the album thoroughly, one of Kokayi’s best assets is his ability to harmonize well AND uniquely (a talent he and Tone share, but each distinctive from the other’s style). Being honest, I’m not a huge fan of Kokayi’s vocal timbre (for me it doesn’t sound perfectly… clean for lack of a better term). It’s just something I’m getting more and more used to, but his musicality is off the charts. And the man’s music production is nuts. I mean, Wynter of My Discontent and Ninety 5 kick absolute ass, and mixing that with stuff like Chanticleer and Only is phenomenal.

This is an album for those who appreciate music. Not a specific genre, but a wide spectrum that those who appreciate Hip-Hop vocals with a big hint of everything else under the sun will enjoy thoroughly. In the end, I don’t believe this album will cohesively appeal to a wide audience. But it certainly has my vote.

The Robots & Dinosaurs Instrumental album is truly inspiring and beautiful!
Can’t put other words on it right now… I can’t stop spinnin’ this shiznit!

I’m the guy in the R & D tee stage diving at around the 12 second mark. Smile

I’ve rocked the shirt to the Doomtree show and The Ergs show. So glad I copped the paleo pack!

bah, i’m stuck at my aunt and uncle’s just outside london because of all the 3cm of snow that shut down the airports over here. i just want to get back to montreal, put on that tshirt and listen to Summery… at least my cousins are awesome! could do with the stress-toy though hehehe

aaaah made it. yesterday i played robots and dinos on my parents stereo all afternoon along with cee-lo green’s the lady killer and the roots and john legend album. they were feelin it, as was my sis - who normally likes shit pop-rap.
chrismas music…? fuckit

I fucking love this album. I can’t believe it took me this long to listen to it… shame on me.

halfamazing said:I can’t believe it took me this long to listen to it… shame on me.


I like it how this album has become like the musical version of wine…..More I listen the More I love EVERY SONG…I roll a blunt and just listen to HIYA all day..that shit is soooooo smooth ..Kokayis got that feel good music . If you can understand what I mean

anyone lyrics to drive?

Had this album for a couple weeks now, really almost (but obviously not) sad I got an autographed copy, I ordered it pretty late. Why isn’t this shit more popular? Had a bit of time to digest and can only say it’s incredible music with a lot of potential for a fanbase beyond the normal hip-hop one. Easily one of the top 5 albums I heard from last year. Trying to get more people to listen.

The production and lyrics are often something special, love the range of music and influences here. More impressions maybe later, but it’s all been said really. What I gotta say is I didn’t expect to see some of those guys in the roxtar lyrics mentioned in a hiphop track ever, nice.

I’ve had this album for quite awhile, and I’ve never really liked giving immediate feedback on an album because I feel it takes an artist months and years to create the sound, it goes deeper than just a first listen through.

I love this album, I just love it to the core. I think its an original and fresh sound. I can listen to it all the time. I once had the RoxTar on repeat for almost 6 straight hours. I love the Drive song and its wit and wonderful writing. It’s just like pure music for me. R&D just does it as an album. Maybe I’m late but I don’t think there is ever a time you shouldn’t write your appreciation for an album. I have been a fan of QN5 and a member of the various boards since 1999. It’s grown up with me, keep creating!

Pheenomz said:I have been a fan of QN5 and a member of the various boards since 1999. It’s grown up with me, keep creating!

We’ve all reached family-level together. Thanks for the continued support and glad you dug the record.

Such a great album.

It really is.. It’s still one of my favorite releases the past couple of years. Just the right sound(s) and the sweat, love and heart that is put into this is really rubbing off on the tracks!

happy 10th anniversary to my favorite kokayi project Smile