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Kokayi [MORE FUCKERY] A Quick Heads Up On ‘R&D’ Digi-Release

And so it continues…

When we uploaded the artwork for the digital release, we uploaded 300 DPI TIF files.
Everything was fine in the world and no one said anything.

Release day comes… nothing’s on iTunes. So, I contact our digital distributor.

They tell me that iTunes rejected the artwork because it wasn’t a JPG. Gee! Thanks for telling me in advance!

Mind you…our distributor’s release upload tool says this:

So, it’s been resaved, reuploaded and resubmitted this morning. It’ll go up as soon as iTunes decides they want it to. Sorry, folks. We sincerely appreciate your patience and support. As soon as we know, you will too.


Well, I’m glad to know it was a simple issue that’s easy to fix and not something absurd. Kind of good to hear, I guess?

People are stupid.


...and what the fuck, seriously.

Really sorry about this Tone, I’m sure as frustrating as it is for us fans, it’s probably 1000000 times worse for you guys Sad

It sucks that the most talented label seems to have the worst luck. Me myself, being a cynic, I wouldn’t be surprised if that explanation was a BS excuse for them forgetting about the album completely in lieu of uploading the latest Lil Wayne or Lady Gaga wannabe artists.

Also really thank you a lot for addressing this problem ASAP. That really shows a lot of dedication and appreciation towards the fans.

It’s showing up in the store now (but still can’t download it). Probably still making its way across the servers. Can’t wait!

Incaspic said:tonepalm.jpg

Is itunes the only place that this is being released? I really hope not cause I don’t own anything that supports itunes.

You can find free audio file converters on the interweb.

I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna work around it if I have to. I was just wondering.


I hate people