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Deacon The Villain JustMe - Tragedy & Dope - Official Discussion Thread

Deacon production skills are awesome, and I bet he gets even better at that. I was listening to “It’s over” and “Mind won’t behave” the other day. Still loving these tracks, and listen to them regularly.

That’s some pretty damn cool design work.

I agree, looks great! Immediatly ordered.

Thanks for the heads up, i’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy. Looking forward to Full Disclosure aswell.

I just listened to this album for the first time. I always knew Deac was a great producer, but HOLY CRAP! Those beats were sick. I can’t stop listening to I Know

Anyone else have this problem? I recieved the free download in my mail that came with the pre-order but whenever i try to unrar i get this:

! C:\Users\Downloads\ Unexpected end of archive

Has to be something wrong with the upload right? I never get this.

@LostCauze I’m checking into it for you. I will let you know when I find out what the problem is.

BTW…Thanks for your support!

Any time man, it’s a dope album.

I already found out what’s wrong though. I sent a mail to Sphere of Hiphop and i got a quick mail back saying they found out about the issue with the file late last night but he’s on a short vacation and will be back tonight to fix it.

It’s all good. I’ll get it when i get it.

Cool. Thanks again!

Recieved a couple days ago, nice suprise that it came with that free Merciless EP.


Full Disclosure is a good album btw, really feeling it.