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Kokayi :: R&D Official Pre-Order Check-In Thread ::

you have no idea how siced. (DC slanguistics for excited and honored) I am that you have your Paleo jonts. i’m in this bia..working on new stuff and gathering footage from my time in the’ll be here soon. Easy.

got mine on Monday, think it arrived the Friday before. SO DOPE! I think this may be my favorite deluxe edition so far. The robot is fresh, the vinyl is really nice, I like how there’s an actual instrumental CD (possibly my favorite touch), poster is the shit, and the shirt looks really good! Very top-notch!! QN5 has out-done itself on the packaging! I feel like I ripped off QN5 by getting so much stuff for the price they charged lol.


Got my “standard edition” CD in mail today (in Croatia).

Artwork is hella fresh y’all!

Nitroxide said:I think this may be my favorite deluxe edition.


All around packaging, accessories, artwork…. Was pleasantly surprised by the paleo pack.

And I reeaaally need a digital of Summery Wink

Incaspic said:And I reeaaally need a digital of Summery Wink


Man I’ve been away from the forums for too long. I still haven’t gotten my Paleo Pack yet :’(

the pic of Kokayi throwing the one dollar bills in the booklet still makes me lol

wishing I got the shirt 1 size smaller now (same with Kno’s). bit bigger than I thought it would be. oh wells. time to double dip.

just got home for christmas (damn heathrow delays…) and got it. the tshirt is sooo fucking good! just gotta find a record player for summery

After seeing I deeply hope my package will arrive whole and undamaged!