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Kno 2DopeBoyz interview with Kno

talks about; “his decision to release a solo album and the ways of making a name for yourself in 2010.”

Short but still pretty dope.

saw this earlier today. more video with Kno’s face plz <3

Exactly, he radiates such sincerity and truthfulness

Cool little interview.

its always good to hear what Kno’s got to say about his music and the industry

it’s a shame that people really are that fickle when it comes to music though. but then i guess hardcore heads and true fans aren’t, just casual listeners.

i guess the social networking phenomenon has saved artists a load of time and money in promotion costs etc. but then do you reckon its more fickle that way too? like if an artist puts out some experimental shit that maybe listeners don’t feel straight away, does that make it harder for the artist to get recognition? coz in this day and age with the media saturating our everyday lives from every possible angle, there will always be someone there to take their place. it’s like people want to be blown away immediately or they lose interest. does this hurt creativity?