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Kokayi Whats the deal with the paris show?

I have a friend that goes to uni there so it would be quite cool to go see

I’m going Very Happy So siked to have a QN5 show in France (plus Robots and Dinosaurs was great and I heard Kokayi is a beast on stage, really looking forward to it.)
It’s part of a music festival called “Sons d’hivers”.

How does it work.. is it like a day festival or weekend? Free or paid? etc.

Well here’s the planning, it just got online :
It seems that it’s a 3 week festival but it looks like it’s not on a fixed location. There’s lots of different places and each concert have to be paid individually.( I don’t really see the point of doing a Festival if you have to pay more than 200 bucks to see every show… I mean, aren’t you supposed to discover artists?)

Concerning Kokayi, he’s coming with the Ceasarz and Tunji (Holy crap) on the last day (Saturday the 12th at Creteil) at 8:30pm.
There’s two prices written : 20€ and 15€, probably for students or something. But the price is for the whole evening and Kokayi is followed by Jean Gray (Holy crap #2) and Pharaoe Monch (Holy crap #3).

I’m definitely going!

Well, see you in Paris.


Definitely gonna try and see this.

Flight booked.

gonna wait and see if they get cheaper. at the moment it’s like 100 pounds return ticket for the flight.
will be wearing my robots & dinos tshirt (or another QN5 one) - just my paleopack upon getting home Smile
JG has an album coming out the following month! aaaa

Yeah I’ll be wearing my R&D shirt too!
My christmas present from my brother was a ticket to this concert plus another one. Very Happy
That means I get to see Kokayi for FREE! Very Happy

So Kokayi is Kakoyi in french?

Haha I didn’t even noticed.
Well, as long as they let me in…I’m really looking forward to this concert :p Plus Cunninlynguists are touring in Europe later this year.
And hopefully I’ll manage to travel to the States to attend the Megashow.
It’s gonna be a hell of a year!

I want to curse so bad.

The only exam I have this winter session happens to be exactly on the same date…

Goddamn… gotta cancel the flight now ;(

that sucks…. to be honest i haven’t got em yet :S


Do you think you have any idea how I’m feeling?

This show is gonna be incredible.

enthusiasm said:164184_10150164674233219_771923218_8445920_3323256_n.jpg

Do you think you have any idea how I’m feeling?

HOLY SHhhh.. I wanna go Sad.. Damned personal economical issues!!

Anyone interested in me taking some videos of the show? It’ll be phone quality though…

Supahbuldozer said:Anyone interested in me taking some videos of the show? It’ll be phone quality though…

ummm, most definitely my friend

done and done. i’d take video with my camera (because it’s got 720p res) but i broke it last month Sad

This show is gonna be incredible.

my picture was for your situation, not mine…

Well I have a Sony Xperia X10 so the camera is supposed to be 720p, but I don’t know how it’s gonna turn up with the lightings and soundwise. But I’ll definitely take some clips.
Any personnal favourites? :p

everything that comes out of kokayi and jean grae`s mouths.
i brought my r&d tshirt

Yeah I’ll also be wearing my R&D tshirt. I wonder how many people will actually know Kokayi?
Only 2 days left!

Did you have fun, eh?

(rhetoric question.)

i went to the wrong fucking address waaay out in vitry-sur-seine and missed it. rest of the time in paris was good at least Sad

ianism said:i went to the wrong fucking address waaay out in vitry-sur-seine and missed it. rest of the time in paris was good at least Sad

Oh shit Sad

Well the show was fucking awesome. Kokayi is a beast on stage, the live band brings the songs to another level (I think one of my favourites must’ve been “Only” live, but maybe it’s because it was at the beggining) and the show could’ve been one of my best one yet if only we weren’t fucking sitting down!

I didn’t know the place, and my reaction when I entered the room was “wtf?”. It was just like theatre, only seats and no where to stand up.
But I thought that the crowd was really diggin’ Kokayi even though we were all sitting down…

So Kokayi and the Caesarz were great, the room not so much. I know I can’t fully appreciate a Kokayi concert if I’m not jumping and breaking my neck on Rockstar or dancing on Knowus Mayne. So basically, can’t wait for the megashow.

Jean Grae was amazing too. She really know how to have fun on stage. I actually don’t know her that much, I’ve juste listened to her album with BSBD and a couple other songs.
She actually asked us the stand our french ass up. Which is a shame really cus’ we didn’t do it for Kokayi… I think nobody thought that we could or I don’t know…

But she was a lot of fun, she gave a lot of energy on stage, didn’t take anything too seriously (There’s this one time where a guy in the front started hitting on her singer and they played along and talked to him. Then the DJ put some romantic music to match the mood and another guy wen’t on stage and started dancing and singing.
Jean Grae and her singer just wen’t with it and watched him. He even sang through the mic.)

I didn’t see Pharoahe Monch though :/ We had a train to catch and we’d already seen him last year when Cunninlynguists came to Paris.

So yeah, the show was loooots of fun but discovering the seats was a bit of a bummer…
I did try to film some of it with my phone but the quality is really crappy, I mean you can still here what song it is but it’s not really giving any credit to how good it really was.
I can still post them if you want.

^Some brilliant photos in that album, the photographers got some skills.