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PackFM PackFM at Southpaw - 12.13.2010

Roll call!

Masta Ace and Keith Murray? GTFO.
So who from the forums will be showing up? When I saw the lineup I was cursing Pack for not announcing it sooner but it turns out flights are pretty cheap if you wanna take off on a Saturday. So far I’ve survived NYC in the summer, but now I wanna see it in the winter. Never thought I’d make it there around the holidays so I am beyond excited!

I’m hoping some of you will show up and knock back some beers with me. Also I will most likely be spending my Sunday afternoon watching the Bengals get unfortunately destroyed by the Steelers so football fans who wanna chill in Manhattan should come keep me company.

I hate you Jillian! Sad

Helllooooooooo. I said “roll call” people, wtf!


New Yorkers, show that girl some love!

I’ll be there! I’m out of town on the weekend and working on the 13th until 6, but I’d be down for some pre-show drinks. Who else is going?

Variance and Animeman are coming too. Bout to start harassing people via facebook…

I’ll be there in spirit.

[insert photoshopped picture of me looking like a ghost in the crowd of a PackFM show]

..I really need to get Photoshop again

So! The show was fun. I got there early and drank more than I intended to on a Monday. I got to say hi to Tone which was awesome. Packs set was great, I just wish he had a longer set. But it was worth going just for Nasty and Stomp alone. Oh and Tone went on to perform Crispy which amazes me every time I hear it.

and you didn’t come hang out with the whole crowd of blue schoolers?? ridiculous!

I saw a couple IFHR shirts scattered around, and said what up to someone I recognized from the CMJ show at Bowery Poetry. Buuuut I didn’t spot the whole blue school crew. Sad