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Yo! Here’s the RCRDLBL post for “RoxTar.” If the track performs well they’ll include it in their daily email blast going forward, so download it and let’s get as many different people as possible to download the song. Even if you already have it, urge them to download and support!

it’s free .99, it’ll help propel the record to higher heights and dammit it’s my birthday!



Ima check this when I get home in a minute. Everybody do this to make up for that lastfm bs!

Oh and Happy Bday Koke!

Done and done! I’mma ask some friends to do the same.
Happy Birthday again Very Happy

Downloaded & Liked for Facebook.

Happy Birthday Koke!

done and liked, good luck with this!
and Happy Bday!

Got few friends to do the same.

done as requested for the big man’s birthday Very Happy

Happy yesterbirfday! I’ma share the link with all the hiphop and rock heads i know.