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Deacon The Villain [REVIEW] JustMe - Tragedy & Dope - Bigsto

The first CHH album that I bought with my own money was One Man’s Trash and it’s still a classic in my eyes. Here we are years later, another LP under his belt along with an EP with Wonder Brown under his belt. This project honestly came out of nowhere, I’ve talked to JustMe on a couple of occasions and he never brought it up. I follow Sphere, follow him on Twitter and nothing suggested he was coming with a project. Then one day I’m online and I Just sent me the single “The Prodigal” and that’s when I couldn’t wait to hear JustMe’s new album Tragedy and Dope. The entire album was produced by Deacon the Villain of Cunninlyguists who has known and worked SI before. So let’s talk about the Project.

To put simply JustMe is on some next level ISH on this record no joke. He’s stepped up his lyricism, both in content and in language. Now usually with the language I’m not a big fan, but I believe in an interview with Sketch the Journalist, he said that the Bible has strong language in it also. Anyway let’s move on to the actual music after the intro we get “I Know” the beat is amazing and Deacon unlisted the help of a guitarist to play along with the beat. Just takes a Sev Statik approach to this song, putting the world under the microscope in the first two verses. The last verse is what really hit me, JustMe bears his soul on this verse, you can hear the frustration and pain in the verse. Here’s the line that I loved.

“I don’t know how much more I can take
Cuz it’s fake and it breaks me, it beats me, it rapes me
It seems to be happening rapidly lately,
I find myself praying that you would just take me tomorrow
And end all the hatred and sorrow but then
I think about those left behind
The ones that can’t see with a renewed mind
They are the reason I continue to rhyme”

I’ll skip the second single “Serenity” (I really love this track BTW) and go to the third track “A Truth and A Lie” we once again get a dope beat by Deacon the Villain and once again has acoustic guitar playing over it (which works real well in both tracks). JustMe opened my eyes on this track and should open yours too. The first verse kind of talks about how religion at least Christian religion while the Bible is the truth, people like the government and even churches use it for other purposes other than God’s work. It’s an interesting track that will have you examining the world around you.

“Ups and Downs” is just as it sounds, it’s about the ups and downs in life. JustMe once again opens the eyes of the listener in saying that in order to experience the good things in life we have to experience the bad things in life. Another point that he touches on is the fact that the things that we see as good aren’t always good for us and the events that we see as bad my actually help us grow to be stronger people in Christ. Peep game people!

I won’t go over “The Prodigal” because hopefully you’ve heard this track, but I will say that this song is my personal “Song of the Year”. The track right after it is called “Quitting Time” which the first time I heard it, I thought it was your usual I hate mainstream hip hop song. But after a detailed listen the second verse is all about how JustMe battles all the time between staying in the CHH game, balancing a family and all the other things that he wants to do in his life. It’s a challenge, one that I didn’t know most emcees go through these days.

At the end of the day, JustMe steps his game up on this record lyrically, we see a side of JustMe that we’ve never seen before. I’m not saying it’s a radical change it’s still JustMe but you can the change in lyricism and emotion (you can hear it in his voice). To put rather bluntly Deacon The Villain is an amazing producer and extremely underrated. I honestly hope that releasing this album gives him some more customers to make beats for. We get everything from dark sounding beats, to more happier (bad word to use I know) beats. Plus Deacon also sings the hook on some the tracks and the dude has soul. Pick up this album it is Top 5 for this year for sure.

Rating: 4.5/5 (Almost Classic, JustMe is Going to the Next Level)

If You Can’t Buy The Record, Buy These Tracks

1. The Prodigal

2. I Know

3. Out of Context feat. Shiesty Krist

4. A Truth and A Lie

5. Serenity

Great review. Well deserved appreciation. Hope more people will get to listen to this.