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Deacon The Villain [REVIEW] Niggaz With Latitude -

Dutch website with rough Dutch to English translation:

The record company released earlier this year QN5 the solemn Death is Silent by Kno. This time out they treat us to a more cheerful album, Niggaz with Latitude by Deacon the Villain and Sheisty Khrist. Kno and Deacon have been part of hip-hop group CunninLynguists but Sheisty Khrist New to QN5. In the aforementioned Death is Silent he already stopped by, but on this album he has such a big part that this is not a Deacon solo album

Lyrically, both gentlemen are very talented. Of course this was already known by Deacon, but also to give Sheisty NWL his visiting card. Take Final Call . This strong track crosses both production wise and lyrically together beautifully. Thus Sheisty raps “I drove a Lincoln to a party then I started drinking / / Each And after drinking bacardi I think I started sinking / / Until my eyes Were no longer blinking.” Flow Technically it sounds delicious. The number is so well constructed: starting with a piano tune, followed by singing by Deacon the Villain (he often sings choruses on NWL ) and victorious trumpets. A quiet repetitive guitar melody supports Sheisty Khrist as he embraced his lyrics-performer, then a cozy, wailing guitar drowns out the beat.

This type of guitar parts coming in NWL by more often. The album has clear punk / rock influences. This makes the whole shaky, one moment about the whining guitar sfeerzetter of the track, the other moment, these influences to a level that for an avid hip hop fan is too much. The latter is the case, Rip the Guts. On the chorus begins Soul Akoben, lead singer of rock band Crop Circle, to grunge : a garish form of singing where the sound from the back of the throat is removed. This is a mere five seconds feel like two minutes. Fortunately my computer has a skip button.

Sheisty and Deacon also start halfway the album a bit boring, mainly due to lack of variety in terms of voice. Some variation is high contrast, an array of guest artists rallied. It was expected that CunninLynguists natti and Kno-buddies would come, but also guitarist Willie Eames, the aforementioned Soul Akoben and poet Bianca Spriggs contribute as well. The latter can be heard on the humorous interlude niggaz for Sale , where they sell every possible product, but its alternative-the nigger. She says with a voice like it on the local market is “Eat some pie, nigger / / slurp some soup nigger! / / Any child or nigger you want to wear, I’ve got it right here!” A smile is guaranteed. Also contributes to the aforementioned Final Call for what. With her sermon-like voice her poetic lyrics are powerfully about what this song is beautiful.

Niggaz with Latitude has very high peaks ( Final Call , Black Dog ) and few deep valleys. The album is not flawless. Both gentlemen will be halfway through a bit boring because they can vary in terms of voice is not enough. Fortunately, this is the end and made up by the high peaks. Production wise it sounds very polished and selected guest artists are almost all one hit, except Soul Akoben. Also, Deacon the Villain and Sheisty Khrist lyrically convincing. Hopefully it will appear next CunninLynguists album as soon as possible, I’m looking forward to.

Hey Deacon,

The grade is to low on, but it’s a good Dutch Hip Hop site, did u translate the text youreself?

Can’t wait to get the album in my letterbox.