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Deacon The Villain :: Official “Got It” Thread / What does your copy say? ::

Classic said:
Just received my copy of NWL but the sound quailty is bad on certain tracks such as Call of the Night, Satellites and A Million Miles High compared to if I play the same tracks on bandcamp.

Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem or what I can do about it

apieceofstrange @

Got mine the other day, this album is dope as fuck in the car.
It was one thing listening to it on bandcamp on my computer, but in the car is a whole other experience.

DTV: 2 The Last Dragon!!

SK: “Let Your Soul Glow!”

Don’t know about everyone else but I’m kinda diggin the fact that everything isn’t perfect. Obviously I don’t want shit to be all messed up but the differences in copies make every one extremely unique. Thanks again for the album. Just got some new headphones and it’s like hearing this thing for the first time.

5 Ft. Deep said:Got mine the other day, this album is dope as fuck in the car.
It was one thing listening to it on bandcamp on my computer, but in the car is a whole other experience.

I know what you mean. Specially Chevrolet, I kinda feel like I’m in a music video when I’m driving while it’s bumpin’.

DTV - My Curl Was On Oprah

SK - My Curl Is Dr. Claw

Sadly no swap meet disk for me Sad

ah my camera’s fucked so no pictures from me… i got #13 of the Swap Meet discs and my signatures are

DTV: Obama use to have curl

SK: Doin’ the neutron dance


Obama use to have curl < ROFL! Amazed with all these witty signatures.

I love it how we don’t know what to expect from our beloved QN5ers!

Just got it on nowwwww =]

DTV: Got more curl than you!

SK: EFiL42A66IN!

hahahah just got that one!
What a brilliant and original idea!

Oh and swap meets there too ^^ Too much to listen to at once overload!

DTV - My curl has muscels
SK - ^steriods

no swamp meet Sad

tgsm7 said:

Haha that’s the title of NWA’s 2nd album

Mine arrived today! Deac says"Chevy Dooz!”” (I think) and an arrow to SK saying “Ain’t Got No Curl Power!”

DTV- Glen Beck’s daddy had curl

SK- Bill Oreilly needs a curl

Oh geez !

You know what, for that album, I ONLY copped the MP3’s at Bandcamp a month ago.

But guess what, today, I’ve also received A PHYSICAL COPY in my mailbox even though I did order NOTHING.

Is that a gift ???? Surprised (If that’s a mistake, I’m ok to refund it Very HappyDD)


*D-Face*TV - The Ghengis Khan of Curl
SK - Locs!

I was a bit late in ordering so I’m stoked it had unique scribblings on it at all. Plus together with my Death Is Silent and APOS poster I now have a signature from each CunninLynguist on a seperate item!

*brags with the bonus signature*


today in mailbox:

DTV - Greatest curl of all time!
SK - ^^Only if he’s talking about my curl

mad at myself didn’t order it sooner, i wanna swap meet mix Sad

but that means at least 100+ copies sold so good job on that!

oh, yeah

props to kontrast on design, keepin it tight as usual

It’s amazing they made each album original. Thanks Deac and SK.

DTV: The Dalai Lama of Curl

SK: The Malcolm X of Curl

Haha…I love those.

This has to be my favorite release of all time. After seeing this thread, I rushed to open my second copy which I hadn’t opened yet. It was like being a kid and opening a pack of ballcards to see if you got that rare find or coppin which toy you got at the bottom of a cereal box.

Here’s mine:

My favorite is def the ‘My curl signed with rocafella / de la curl’
Classic!! Props to those that got Kno’s ink too!

Thanks Deac and SK, this is a truly unique and prized release.

^^^^^ haha nice. really like “it takes a nation of curls to hold us back”

Got mine in the mail today!
DTV: Muhammad Ali of curl!

It’s been three weeks since I received my package without a CD.

Got another package today and it not only contained NWL album with bonus Kno’s sign but also Mexico single with Deac’s and Kno’s signs!!

You guys made my day!! Thanks

DTV - Kno used to take SK’s lunch money:) DTV


The Wayne Gretzky of Curl

Thanks guys, still loving this album!

worm9103 said:somehow I got 5 copies of NWL

hey man! you still have 5 copies? because i missed out on this and would love to cop one

oh me too^^