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Deacon The Villain [INTERVIEW] Deacon The Villain -

- Some time ago, you were on a European tour with Cunninlynguists. Can you speak us about the public in Europe ?

Europe is always dope. It’s always interesting to see the differences in what Europeans value versus what people from the US value, especially with music. Much more open minded.
In the United States you are much more likely to find someone who ONLY listens to Hip-Hop or ONLY listens to Rock, whereas in Europe people are more likely to go to a festival and bounce
from stage to stage. Depeche Mode to Kanye West to Elton John to CunninLynguists. Europeans tend to be more open-minded than their US counterparts.

- You played several times in France, what are your memories about our country ? Do you come back soon ?

French people are probably the most likely to be offended if you just walk up to them assuming they speak English. [laughs] Us Americans are ignorant in that way. France is awesome. We did a couple shows with Pharoah Monche and rocked the historic Elysee Montmartre. We also almost got into a brawl with some street pimps that were posted up near the Moulin Rouge, that was definitely a classic moment in the history of CunninLynguists.

- You bring out in the next days a project called Niggaz With Latitude. Can you tell me more about this album ?

Niggaz With Latitude is one of two side projects I was involved with this year. The first being JustMe’s Tragedy & Dope, which I entirely produced. I handled the majority of the production on N.W.L., but it also had a contribution from both Kno of CunninLynguists and my QN5 brethren Kokayi. On NWL, we just wanted to capture that raw energy that N.W.A. had in the early 90’s. Raw unapologetic Hip-Hop. Very much in your face and full of socio-political references.

- You realized this album with another MC: Sheisty Khrist. Can you introduce him ? Who’s this guy ?

Sheisty Khrist is KY’s best kept secret. I actually met him via a few of Natti’s friends. Before Natti was in CunninLynguists he was part of a historic rap group in central Kentucky called Madd Militia. They pretty much layed the groundwork for hip hop in our area. They bucked all trends and just made raw Hip-Hop. Sheisty was the cat in the group that would come in with the last verse and just shut shit down. We first featured him on our fourth album, Dirty Acres, on a song called “Gun”. He was also one of the brains behind a central Kentucky Hip Hop effort entitled, KYLIENS. We gathered together 40 of the best MCs from our area and re-worked Outkast’s classic 2nd album, ATLIENS. Sheisty Khrist owned that project. He beasted every track that he was on. After CunninLynguists fans initial reaction to him on Gun and then KYLIENS I knew we had to figure out a way to push him more into the spotlight, thus, Niggaz With Latitude was conceived.

- In the trailer of the album, we see you parodying the N.W.A’s members in a hilarious way. What is the message behind the project N.W.L. ?

Due to the ignorance that still exists in this country, the word Nigger still holds an incredible amount of power and influence. In the NWL vignettes we’ve been releasing we created a world where the word Nigger (Nigga) has absolutely no power. It’s just another word. We went with a movie trailer concept to iterate that fact. Any curse word is bleeped out whereas any usage of the word “Nigga” is left uncensored. Many believe that the word Nigger (Nigga) should be buried and barred from the English language as if that would kill racism and ignorance. We feel the exact opposite. Times are changing and we believe that it’s even more powerful to show just how comfortable people are to have conversations on taboo subjects such as race, religion and politics. We tend to shy away from these issues on a national platform, when we believe the time is now. If Obama makes it to a second term, I pray that he forces the country to have a clear cut conversation on race. Each generation is less ignorant from a racial standpoint than the generation prior, we just want to speed up the process. It’s amazing to me that the word is still so challenging to some. We entitled the project Niggaz With Latitude just see how comfortable people would be using the term in day to day conversations. This is album is somewhat of a litmus test. Just as N.W.A. did in the early 90’s we are giving the listener, whether black, white, yellow or brown, permission to say that word, even if it’s just within the context of an album. Do I think it will limit sales? quite possibly, because people are still not comfortable saying the word in public, no matter the context. Black people will call it Niggaz With Latitude while everybody else will call it N.W.L. I think it’s funny.

- On the musical side, this album is very different compared with the last works of Cunninlynguists. Why to have gone away so much from your usual universe ?

Honestly, I don’t think we strayed to far. The 2nd half of the album to me is very much in the same vein as a CunninLynguists album, NWL just starts off much more aggressive than any of our previous releases, but that’s more so a nod to the energy that N.W.A. brought when they first came on the scene. Kno produces CunninLynguists, whereas I produced Niggaz With Latitude, so just the fact that the producer is different there’s going to be a difference in the flavor of the music. I didn’t sit down and say to myself, “Self.. I want to make something totally different than CunninLynguists.” I just said to myself, “I want to make a quality product” and hopefully time will tell the same story.

- The track entitled “Rip The Cut” is a song totally « heavy metal ». What are you listening to right now ?

Kno’s “Death Is Silent” [laughs] I’ve been in pure creation mode for the last 3 months so I haven’t really gotten to absorb anything yet. I’m just now getting to absorb Kno’s album, which is brilliant by the way. Aside from Kno, Kokayi and my other QN5 affiliates, I’m listening to Freddie Gibbs, The Roots, Little Dragon, Cee Lo, Muse, James Brown, Johnny Cash, Shuggie Otis… it’s whatever with me.

- The album is full of energy! Did you need to go in a style more « rock’n’roll » after the recents works very cool of Cunninlynguists ?

Once again, it was kind of in the vein of N.W.A.‘s energy from the early 90’s. We wanted to capture that energy without doing it in the same way they did. If 20 years after N.W.A. came on the scene we still just did 100% rap, it wouldn’t be as inspiring to us. We didn’t set out to be so rock influenced, but once the production started rolling that way, we just rolled with it. There’s pretty much an influence from every style of rock we could successfully pull off. Psych Rock, Prog Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, whatever… alot of that influence came from Kno as well, who’s the king of mixing Psych/Prog Rock into hip hop. The punk influence came directly from Sheisty Khrist though. He played me a mix of Bad Brains, The Clash and various others and it just lit a fire in me.

- I think you produce the majority of songs on this album. I didn’t know that you were so gifted in this exercise. How long have you produce ?

I’ve produced on and off for years. I didn’t really start taking it seriously until around 2003, but it was still an on again off again relationship. Earlier this year I decided to go full steam ahead with it and see what happened.

- Your friends Kno and Natti are also presents. You stay very close to them and Cunninlynguists ?

Of course, whatever we do we do it together. Just as I featured on 3 songs from Kno’s album, I definitely wanted his artistic offerings to be present on NWL. He even did some drum programming on a song from the JustMe project I mentioned earlier. Natti is just a pure beast like Sheisty, plus with them coming from the same rap group it was only right that he was present on this project. Plus, his offerings as the “Angry Uncle” from the NWL promo videos that we’ve dropped are priceless. Plus we’re working on the 5th Studio album from CunninLynguists entitled, Oneirology, as well as Natti’s solo LP.

what is the best album of the year, for you ?

Honestly, I don’t do things such as favorites and album of the year. I don’t think in those terms and don’t think I ever will, but I will tell you who dropped albums in 2010 that I enjoyed. Sade, B.O.B., The Roots, Kanye West, PackFM, Celph Titled. There’s other artists that i respect that dropped albums this year, but I haven’t gotten to check them out yet. I’m still waiting to check out Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, amongst others. I’m doing my catchin’ up now.

- Deacon, have you a message for french Internet users who want to discover the project Niggaz With Latitude ? go there. listen to and/or buy it! You can also find Kno’s “Death is Silent” and listen to pretty much the entire CunninLynguists discography for free. But since Europeans seem to be allergic to buying music digitally, go to,.com [laughs] I’m sure you’ll find everything for download somewhere. And don’t forget to hit up for all the latest info on our future releases. CunninLynguists will also be touring Europe in spring with multiple stops in France! Be there or die!

Nice interview.. thanks for the translation..

“Black people will call it Niggaz With Latitude while everybody else will call it N.W.L. I think it’s funny.”

Haha, already found this to be true while talking to my brother about the album..

Great interview! I’m still waiting for my album to come though. :/
And my question in CL’S forum is now answered. They are coming to France. Hell yeah!
(So if I shout “YOU MA NIGGAZ, NIGGAAAZ” at one of your shows, it’s cool? :p)

i’m suprised that deacon seemed so cool about letting people illegally dl CL material? or was it just a satirical jab (but then why give actual torrent sites lol)

Illegal downloading, as much as it sucks for the artist…..and this lady ( , doesnt seem to be going anywhere soon. I think Deacon was making a satirical jab, but also putting the product out there. Maybe if 100 people hear it illegally a few will actually buy it

dougone79 said:Illegal downloading, as much as it sucks for the artist….. Maybe if 100 people hear it illegally a few will actually buy it

Exactly! But it really sucks it has come to this.. -.-

dougone79 said:

ouch thats rough
how would it feel to be the one person out of the hundreds of millions downloading songs illegally that gets sued
i don’t think suing one person for 1.9 million dollars is going to solve any of the record industries problems

Sure as hell ain’t, cuz people will hear about that shit on the news, open Limewire, and download some more Lil Wayne with no hesitation.