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Deacon The Villain Live From the Swap Meet

so… um… i’ve listened to a lot of rap, oldschool and new, ‘underground’ and ‘mainstream’, and everything in between. but i haven’t heard of some of this so far, other than obvious ones like Ice Cube, Volume 10, MC Ren, Mack 10…

any ideas what some of the songs are?

I was VERY happy to hear DJ Quik’s “Loked Out Hood” as the kickoff track.

Very big Quik fan right here.

Plus, he had the curl…


Yes yes! Quik is awesome..


That’s what I got. Feel free to correct if anything is wrong.

I’m not listening right now but I coulda sworn King Tee had a track on there…

its got king tee-act a fool on there-and the celly cell is the remix.and the mc eiht(you left out the g-cause the g’ aint in you)is also the remix.keep it gangsta.*throws up the w*

holy shit well done y’all

theres also a song by hi-c called"fuck a 40 ounce"thats on the original mix-dont know if they used it or not.

haha Hi-C! Coulda had “Leave My Curl Alone” on there

you sir are a discriminating fan of obscure gangsta rap.good show.respect due.

Gotta bump this after hearing the intro again.

Were the skits written or mostly ad-libbed? It almost sounds like it was… some of the shit Natti says off the cuff is friggin hilarious.