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Kokayi RoxTar Video on

OH SHIT! major props

It really should be there… too.

I shared the link on my facebook, but I couldn’t watch the video or sign up to comment due to it not being available in my area… sucks!

According to Twitter, the video’s going to be up to VOTE for as a candidate for MTV Freshman something or other starting Monday at 11AM.

We rule voting shit, so this sounds good.

Fuck MTV.
(except in this case)

Hope I can vote from the UK, but as I can’t watch the video I’m guessing I won’t be able to.
It’s all down to you Americans, you got Obama out of the wilderness into the highest office in the land, now make Kokayi known!

you inspired me Harrym. I have probably voted close to 300 times.

i said it when the song came out, i guarantee that the chorus will be on a movie trailer some day