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Deacon The Villain Kynfolk, Not just Horses and Hay

I spent like a month trying to track down the Kynfolk Mixtapes: it’s all relative and jacking for beats. These are quite honestly ridiculously awesome.

I’m posting here hoping that one day some of these tracks could be re released or some sort of Kynfolk album. What happened to sunnystylez?

Also that guy versatile, he’s sick as well.

I guess I just wanted to know if all yall did any other projects.

SunnyStylez was on the Baby Blue for Pink EP… and some other recent track which I can’t think of right now… was it on Strange Journey Vol. 2? Someone help me out here…

I slightly recall him co-producing something recently.. or producing.. hmm

SunnyStylez was on that OMG (WHYYYYY WAS IT TITLED THAT!?) project that Sheisty and Devine Carama did.

I just used the “Search” box at the top of this page. Crazy.

what the hell happened to versatile though?