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Deacon The Villain Cashmere’s Big Nigga Shit track with Deacon

Just thought about this track and remember it being niiice but I can’t find it anywhere. Searched the forum before I made a thread and only came across a thread from 2006 with the lyrics (almost positive it’s them). I think I got the mp3 from Cashmere’s Myspace awhile back. I’m not sure if he ever included it on anything.

I havn’t been all that active and not sure about the policy around here anymore with links. Soooo.. IF IT’S COOL and someone has the mp3 can you upload it?

Here’s the lyrics that I remember being from it because of that Locksmith line. haaha

Y’all claim to have a dame secure? Consider Deac a locksmith
The Villain’s like the Jolly Green Giant in a moshpit
Ladies treat me as if God’s gift
On my backwood hog as if it’s a cockspliff(?)
A big nigga, spit rivers floodin’ they banks
These lil guppies don’t want this shark up in they tank
I’ll scold men, show men somethin they aint
Split spine till they whine, i aint talkin bout drink
Get pined(?) then i shine, smoke a frail bitch
Exhale spit, make you feel lower than snail shit
Jail bids aint hard as bars from big man
I’m dope gettin scales i aint talkin bout fish skin
Call up ya 6th man down to the 12th, watch all of them muhfuckaz melt.
Call anybody that’s ever been a friend to yaself, i bet none of them muhfuckaz help-

I think I have a few Cashmere tracks.. I’ll post them up if someone gives the green light.

haha, good stuff. ty sir

Here ya go:

Includes “Big N*gga Shit f/Deacon, J Bully, Poison Pen” “Corporate Thug Music” “Appreciation (Original) f/Deacon” “Family Ties (Remix)” and a Cashmere vs 9th Wonder project I don’t even remember having. Sweet.

houstonz said: and a Cashmere vs 9th Wonder project I don’t even remember having. Sweet.

LOLOLOL @ Sweet!

ahhhh… I was going to ask for the Cash/9th tape too. I remember the Ode to The Underground track being sickly. I havn’t heard it in forever though.

Anyways… Thanks a lot man. Much appreciated. Wink

Here’s what I’ve been doing while I’ve been bored.

Hard to Get Freestyle -

Exhibit C Freestyle -

And here’s an unreleased Kno track - Eternal Sunshine
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Cash The PRO said:Ok, you can’t embed, lol

DivShare File - 18 Eternal Sunshine.mp3

Any1 get this to DL ..maybe Im tarded

^ I tried… and no. No luck.

Doesn’t work for me either.. Looks like it works, but then after the 15 secs run out it redirects right back to the previous page..