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Tonedeff New ep?

I thought I read somewhere recently that tonedeff may be releasing a new ep before Catm drops. Is that still in the qk11 plan? All my anticipation has been on Catm that I forgot all about it. I think I also read somewhere that crispy may be on it? *Crosses fingers and toes*

He mentioned maybe doing a free-EP. And that “Crispy” is going to be an Asterisk:Five joint.

Didn’t want to make a new thread until we have the full announcement with the title and everything, but
From Tonedeff’s Twitter:

Whoa. @beckycloonan just BODIED the artwork for my next EP! (bows). Stay tuned for details.

Yeah, I got really excited when I saw that. Tone is doing big things this year and I am very happy that he’s finally getting to release some damn music again.