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Deacon The Villain Royal Illness (featuring Deacon/Sheisty)

yearning for more Deacon and Sheisty goodness? BOOM!

Royal Illness is some of our KY Fam. Before Natti was in CunninLynguists or Kynfolk he was a part of a rap group called “Tha MIGHTY Madd Militia” w/ Sheisty Khrist, EF Cuttin (who’s cut on many CL and Kynfolk Tracks), Royal Illness, Irk Da Nerve, Spin DaDa, Problemz, Sunzilla, Ladykilla, and more….

Their humble beginnings were one of the few inspirations that started me in rap. Long before I even knew Natti personally, I had heard of Madd Militia, Natti, Sheisty Khrist & EF Cuttin. Royal Illness is one of the founding members.

awesome background story. thanks for that.
your verse on “still of the night” is nice, sir.

I just looked up the Madd Militia myspace page and wow…long list of rappers in that group, huh? ha

Yeah… they are the rap equivalent of a motorcycle gang. LOL. Wu-Tang was a New York version of Madd Militia.. not the other way around. LOL

This is good read Smile.. Diggin Royal too, though it’s the first time i’ve come across his name. Thanks for hooking me up with some new music!


JLee said:
your verse on “still of the night” is nice, sir.

yes…yes it is

thanks for sharing the link and the story, very nice.