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Deacon The Villain Where can I get Kynfolk mixtapes?

I’ve been looking for them, but I can’t find them, neither for free nor paying…can anybody help me?

Oh thanks! DL it, but I saw in that forum the Jackin 4 Beats thread, and the link didn’t work…thanks anyway

Download: Kynfolk - Jackin 4 Beats Mixtape
Download: Kynfolk - It’s All Relative Mixtape

Nice, these were uploaded to my server 7 years ago and the downloads are still active. Linkrot is lame. (Fuck using these MySendURapidServe sites for public links.)

Thanks for digging up that old forum, JLee. Been a long time since I’ve seen that.

^Didn’t have the first one thanks!

kej3210 said:^Didn’t have the first one thanks!

Me neither!

Thanks for the free music Smile LOVE

You poor people!

Glad you could finally DL them.

Thanks A LOT Chris & JLee! Very Happy

Oh man, memories. Back when I first joined the forums I found something in the Kynfolk section that said to message Deacon on AIM if you wanted the mixtape.

The convo went something like:
Hey can I get that Kynfolk mixtape?
Deacon wants to share a file with you…
The end.

AIM filesharing for the win.

On second thought it may have been SunnyStylez, I don’t remember. Probably wasn’t Natti, if his two finger typing and absence on twitter is any indication…

PretendGirl said:
AIM filesharing for the win.

Those were the good ol’ days… LOL