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worm9103 said:Don’t think I can sum up the Megashow properly, but here are a few notes that are still sticking out in my head now a couple weeks after.

—Monotony… wow. What a song to start off with.

—EF@MM –-
I forgot how well these guys rock together. Line Drop was fuckin awesome. FYIRB… epic. Sooooo when’s the next EF@MM album comin out? How bout the EF@MM WWKYA Tour? WHEN THAT HATNIN?

—Deac & Kno CL ... Deac, SOS, and Kno CL ... Deac, Natti, Kno CL!—
I love hearin some of those Southernunderground songs live. Can’t help but rock out to em. Havin SOS onstage is always special too.

This is one of my fave QN5 tracks. SOS’s flow is immaculate. Stan is the fuggin dude. I’ve said it before, will say it again, I wanna hear more tracks with these two! I bumped “Uncontrollable” on the subway to work today and actually hit repeat (I never do that, fyi).

—CHAMPIONS w/ Tone!!—no explanation needed! When I heard this beat start up a little bit of pee came out. Wait, what?

I loved that pretty much the entire label was onstage/in the crowd for this. People give hype-men shit, but when you have 15 dudes onstage and Blitzkrieg swingin Pack’s orange bike around while other artists are in the crowd moshing… you have something special on your hands.

—The Remixes!—
Nasty/Filthy remix with Substantial and Cashmere onstage was nuts. Love Ain’t remix w/ SOS is the dopest.

—Substantial’s “The Memo (Move Me)” acapella—
Ooh wee… that shit was nice. I went back the other day and heard the original and, in my humble opinion, it’s nowhere near as good as just listenin to Stan’s voice do that acapella. Whoa.

Can’t say enough how amazing that music video was. I was in such a state of shock/awe (hate that term now) that I actually completely missed the Mermaid’s Lullabye track. Not sure we’re ready for the enormity of this album when it drops…

bummed we didn’t get to see “the future” but Tone and Co. gave us so much that it feels downright egregious to ask for anything more.

I honestly am blown away by how much thought and preparation went into that concert, and at times feel that Tone is doing way too much for us fans. Did we *need* a commemorative poster for free? Did we *need* that cool twitter feed screensaver thing so we could make penis jokes in front of the crowd before the show? Did QN5 *have* to rehearse for 12 hours the day before the show? Did we even really need a hilarious sock puppet documentary/video that must have taken Pack, Tone, and others numerous HOURS/DAYS of planning and filming? No. But QN5 does it anyways. It honestly leaves me speechless and humbled and almost feeling *guilty* that you people are putting in so much work to make something so magical as the Megashow happen and I’m just standing there taking it all in.

In this day and age, it is so rare to see a collective/business run the way that QN5 is. I am just thankful that I found this label and its music—as it has changed my life. I didn’t mean for this recap to spiral into me professing my love of QN5, but it just kind of happened. I get emotional about things that mean a lot to me. I thank all of you artists for your sacrifices and efforts in putting together a mesmerizing night of music.

New page. Well said indeed.

So it has been a couple of weeks since the megashow and only now do I feel i am ready to post about it. The whole weekend was truely amazing!!! Starting with meeting up with my favorite frenchman Supahbuldozer to see the sights of NYC and Worm for some golf at the pier and pre show brews, then meeting up with the rest of the amazing blueschoolers at the biergarten. Huge props to DJMC and his girl who hooked us up with show tickets after we stupidly left ours in our hotel room (wtf was i thinking!).

Now to the Megashow itself.. I honestly cannot find the words to describe what a fucking amazing experience it was, the super high expectations i had going into it were blown away well and truely. The amount of effort Tone and the rest of the QN5 crew put into this event purely for the benifit of us fans is incredible and i am truely thankful for that. The show is still somewhat of a blur to me but some of the highlights that i can remember are seeing ef@mm perform as a whole (something i never thought i would see live), Kokayi set was rediculous! and the catm video was on another level all together.

The day after the Megashow was just as good if not better than the show, we went to watch the ATCQ documentory with Mr and Mrs Sos, Steph and some othe blueschoolers which was really cool before walking to the day after party. It was so awesome to be able to chill out with a few drinks and some of the most amazing people in the world, not to mention my idols! I was gutted that we couldn’t stay longer but we had to catch our flight, but the few hours we were there were some of the best of my life!

I feel so honored to be able to be a part of this amazing family that is qn5, we WILL deffinatly be back for future Megashows! I can’t wait to see all you fantastic people again!

Today I had a Qn5 appreciation moment! It has taken 2 weeks for the reality of the Megashow and the previous and subsequent events to sink in fully.
Breathe. Ryan played our favourite Qn5 songs during our car ride to Kelowna today and I found myself sinking into a sorrow the hurt me to the pit of my soul. (deep huh..) anyway, I found myself needing to breathe deep and close my eyes to stop the tears as I listened to the music that we were playing.
The Megashow was my first concert of any kind, and it blew away all of my expectations. The moment for me was seeing Natti walking up the stairs towards me and me just standing there in almost complete shock! he took one look at me and laughed and then gave me a big hug LOL wicked! Hearing Kokayi play live was EPIC!! and watching Tone live was AH-maz-ing!

Blueschoolers - you guys and gals rock man! we were able to meet and hangout with the most amazing people before and after the show and I can honestly say that meeting you all really made the trip for me. there really is nothing like meeting people you know of online and then meeting them in the flesh - you know them but you dont ....... Krystle and Madison saved our arses when we left our tickets in our hotel room!!!!! (really!!!) cheers guys Smile and even though we were the newbies you all made us feel like we were old friends so thanks for that.

Day after After Party - WHAT!!!! its was the best night of my life!!!!!!!!!! we have the most kick arse photos from that night and I still cant believe that I was there with all of you and the Qn5 artists! Epic moment from that night was listening to Mr SOS drop a freestyle outside the bar “I dont give a fuck” - It made me smile so much that my face hurt.

obviously there is a shit load more that I could write about considering it was the most fantastic weekend of my life but it would take me a few days to write it.
to anyone that didnt make the trip - there is always next time (fingers crossed) and there really is no excuse for missing it. I cant wait to see everyone again and feel the ridiculous pain I was in after the Megashow .....ohhh the memories. oxo

^ You two are awesome. I am so absolutely genuinely happy for you.. and so glad that you’ve been officially/physically inducted into the QN5 family. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I see you guys again.

Listening to “Plucking Daisies” and recalled Deacon getting on stage and killing it along with Pack.. damn, so many memories I can’t even remember on my own. haha