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Kno Kno & Joe Budden

According to my stalking on twitter this shit will be going down! I hope..

Kno’s twitter:
“@JoeBudden will need a beat for that @atmosphere or @phontigallo collabo, I’m down…you know those are the homies.”

Budden and Slug on a track produced by Kno? Jesus… That tweet is like watching a dream come true.!/JoeBudden/status/117727449604833280

!!! sick. Zao and aerichk will be able to sleep at night

One of my favorite rappers with my favorite producer? this is gonna be epic.!/Kno/status/117866864004186112

“@JoeBudden DM’d you. I’m down for whatever, you just have to kick this dude @dopeboySHAKE in the chest for me when you see him lol”


Kno and Joe Budden? Yes… Throwing Slug on a Kno and Joey track would ruin it for me.

Damn. This would be amazing. Plz, make it happen!

About time Joe worked with some good producers.

Nvm i Changed my comment i dont want any hate

Scott A. said:About time Joe worked with some good producers.

Word. I really dig Joe’s lyrics (obviously) but the productions he raps over are never consistend. There’s a few decent beats, but a lot of trash too.

“Kno Budden”?

LOL, I was waiting for that but it was still funny

amplifya said:LOL, I was waiting for that but it was still funny

damn so did this project really get scrapped ? im listening to sum mixes that has joe budden over some kno beats and i must say im very surprise, hes sounds dope over a kno instrumental.


If there was ever an MC in need of a Kno beat its Joe Budden, one of my favorite MC’s but his beat selection is god awful.

Even if he scrapped “Feature Presentation” I hope he keeps the track Kno sent him