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Kno Official MacheteVision Thread

cmon cmon cmoooooooooonnnn.. greenwich mean over heahh!!

Does anyone know where i can buy this, Isn’t the release day today?

It’s probably dropping at 11:59 lol.

i hope its not just digital downloads if so im just gonna wait tell they sell some physical copies

JTX said:

Classic said:Liking both tracks so far, very different sound from Kno.

Is this being released only on bandcamp or will there be a physical release?

I asked him on twitter and he said physicals will be released at a later time. Probably with extra treats, something exclusive.

Wow I totally lost track of time. Just give me the liiiinnnkkk

what is going on…. I’ve been so excited all day, and still no news D:

I seriously can’t wait for this to drop

Oh shit, I had almost forgotten about when this was to be released. Stoked !
Still no news though ?

Album is up!!!

Putting this on my iPod right away. Sick!

Where is Crime Seen? Sad ...

Downloading as I type this, and only 6 bucks?! I’d throw extra down but saving up in hopes of that physical

i know i said i wasnt going to buy the digital download but guess what i lied LoL i really hope they make sum phyiscal copies though, possibly press some vinyls *fingers crossed*

SiR_FoX said:Where is Crime Seen? Sad ...

Kno? :/

Looks like the tracklist got re-worked a bit, maybe it didn’t “fit” anymore?

This record is definitely a new vibe for Kno, and MarQ Spekt is pretty nice. On “Opium Den” right now. Gonna need to burn a copy for the car. New music ftw.

edit: Kno “No, but the limited edition physical release will have instrumentals and 1-2 bonus tracks—that might be one of them.”


Very nice! Somethin’ to listen to on my way to work in the morning.

I got confused with the two seperate threads for this I was like wtf why is nobody talking about this haha

So far this shit is dope I’m on all smiles now so I already know that’s awesome. Production (as expected) is illlllllllll

The Royal Peasants = sooooo dope.

the whole album is tight but at the moment my favorite track would have to be opium den

it was wonderful to come home from work to see this up
sounds dope so far

First impression of this album is that its really good.

hell yes

this shit is bangin so far


First playthrough = sounds awesome. Looking forward to playing it properly later.

Ha, that PackFM gif syncs surprisingly well with a good number of these tracks.

Warming up to this. There are a few songs I really dig so far, but they’re probably the ones that are most “traditionally” Kno. The Devil / Danger / WikiLeaks is a potent trio of beats.

deStructuralized said: The Devil / Danger / WikiLeaks is a potent trio of beats.

Completely agree, those are the last 3 songs on the album it ends so strong

Need more time in the day to listen to this album.

I think the Album starts and ends really well. I’m not a huge fan of the actual rapping throughout, though it’s not bad at all. Overall this is turning out to be a great album that really bangs hard!