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Arkham knight is pretty dope, but that tank gameplay is fucking stupid.

I still have to do the side missions to activate knightfall in Arkham knight. I love the game but these side missions are getting fucking tedious.

I downloaded Journey, can’t wait to play through that again.

The game I’ve been playing the most lately is rocket league. Good god this game is so much fun. I feel like I do pretty good but then I play online and get slaughtered.

Rocket League is the shit.

I got a PS3 to play Fallout 3 and New Vegas again. I almost got FO3 platinumed, then I’ll move on to New Vegas.

This place seems to be a predominantly PS4 crowd but I think I forgot to mention I finally got an Xbox ONE! And as such I’ve been catching up on the new generation and I’m largely impressed..

- Mortal Kombat X = The best gameplay of the series imo and now definitely a contender with Street Fighter (in fact it’s become my favourite fighting game period). That said, the roster and the story/stages are nowhere near as good as MK9.

- Shadow of Mordor - Great action/adventure game that provides one of the most satisfying sword fights I’ve ever played. Dark as FUCK for a game in the Lord of the Rings universe.

- Sunset Overdrive = Gorgeous Chaotic Madness. The combination of Tony Hawks + Infamous + Dead Rising = one of the best XB1 exclusives and one of the most satirical video games I’ve ever played.

- The Master Chief Collection - A fascinating history lesson through the most iconic franchise in Xbox history. The gameplay from Halo 1 now feels ancient and repetitive, but still so intriguing to play to experience how much the series evolved between iterations (especially being able to switch back and forth between graphics). The new Halo 2 graphics/cutscenes are pretty special too.

- Alien Isolation - Almost the perfect horror game let down by a tediously long and confusing campaign. It’s flaws stop it from being a classic, but in the moments when it’s firing on all cylinders it’s one of the most authentically horrifying games I’ve ever played. It’s also gorgeous and authentically Alien.

- Forza Horizon 2 - By far the biggest surprise on this list, I bought this game to display what the new gen graphics can look like and ended up falling head-over-heels in love with it. It’s not just the best driving game I’ve ever played, but my favourite game I own right now. Not only is it stunning to look at, but it creates the most authentically pleasurable driving experience I’ve ever come across. Every car feels unique and different, but equally fun to drive. Rather than hop from meaningless race to race in a slow upwards climb through car classes, it encourages you to PLAY from the start.. to just have fun driving.

Not only did I fall in love with it, but everyone who’s come round my house has too. I even spent several nights just passing the controller back and forth between people playing the game and we were totally captivated - something that I’ve NEVER done before with a driving game (and we could have been playing 2 Player Halo/Fifa/Mortal Kombat instead). Shit, I even bought the £16 DLC knowing it’s probably gonna be on sale again soon.

The latest Valve “major tournament” (basically means sponsored by Valve) kicks off today. I’m pretty sure I’m still the only Counter-Strike head around here, but if you have some time to kill, come check it out!

The production value has gotten to be really impressive these past few years, and the game is surprisingly fun to watch.

Official Twitch broadcast
Reddit schedule w/ links

I’d just like to go out there and say Rocket League is really, really fun.

I’m playing the COD: Black Ops 3 beta and it’s pretty cool. I enjoy it a lot more than Advanced Warfare. The “exo”-ish movements aren’t as ridiculous.

Heroes of the Storm is fun.

houstonz said:I’d just like to go out there and say Rocket League is really, really fun.

I just uninstalled it from my PS4. It was becoming a problem…

I had a blast with Sunset Overdrive when that game came out. Definitely one of my favorites for this generation. We’ll have to play some Halo 5 Timo! When you get a chance look into Ori and the Blind Forest. A brilliant XB1 exclusive platformer.

JLee said:

houstonz said:I’d just like to go out there and say Rocket League is really, really fun.

I just uninstalled it from my PS4. It was becoming a problem…


houstonz said:

JLee said:

houstonz said:I’d just like to go out there and say Rocket League is really, really fun.

I just uninstalled it from my PS4. It was becoming a problem…


I reinstalled it X_X

Metal Gear Solid 5 is picking up 10’s. Looks like my September is going to be very indoors.

Super Mario Maker seems awesome.

Picking up until dawn today, mad max next week. Don’t think I’ll get mgs, never could get into that series. If anyone ever wants to lose at rocket league my psn is DispatchNinja.

The Trashman said:Super Mario Maker seems awesome.

So hyped for that game! Infinite, creative, and difficult mario levels?! YES! I’ll be playing that game like a mad man. The “Let’s Play” videos IGN is making with the editors making levels for each other are really well done. Check those out if you haven’t.

I’ll be playing a mixture of The Witcher (just got it yesterday), Mario Maker, and The Taken King (Destiny expansion) from now until Fallout comes out. So many great games on the horizon, and I haven’t even come close to clearing my backlog.

I loved MGS2 and enjoyed 3, but I probably won’t get MGSV until later on. Just started back at school and I don’t even know how I’m gonna manage playing Fallout 4 and Black Ops 3 with my coursework. lol

There’s too many good games coming in September and I don’t have the time or the money to buy them all !

MGSV and Mad Max release dates are only a few days apart. Plus there’s Fallout 4 and Battlefront coming a month later.

I haven’t even bought Arkham Knight yet Sad

On another subject, if anyone’s a fan of adventures / point and click games, I’ve been playing “King’s Quest” lately and it’s awesome ! It has an old school adventure game feel, some great jokes, the universe is pretty cool and there’s even a choice system, which I’m gessing will have consequences later. (It’s an episodic game btw).

Until Dawn is pretty decent. Definitely worth a playthrough.

Only interested in Black Ops 3 and FIFA 16 for the rest of the year. I’ll get MGS 5 later on sometime.

... well there goes me getting anything done after work… MGS5 is the shit.

So I’m like 45% through MGS5 and I’ve put in 75 hours so far.. still haven’t seen all the post-game stuff and still feel like I’ve barely played it. The core story is a bit lame but on the whole it’s one hell of a game (and time sink).

SCRATCHINlikeDJS said:When you get a chance look into Ori and the Blind Forest. A brilliant XB1 exclusive platformer.

So, I ended up getting OatBF this past week on Steam (had been waiting for a sale).


Between art like this..

And music like this...

I’m so glad I copped. Story’s made me cry like 3x already. LOL.

For someone who doesn’t typically play platformers (me), the gameplay is pretty damn challenging. I thought this was going to be on some relaxing, puzzle platformy type shit, but nah. There definitely are puzzle-based, critical thinking elements, but balls to the wall, unforgiving platforming is the norm. Nowhere near the level of Super Meat Boy, but in the spirit of Metroid (or so I hear). I’ve rage quit out of two escape sequences so far. It’s just frustrating enough to feel really gratifying when things work out.

Above all, it’s been a delightful and rewarding experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anybody. 8/10.

Ori is soooo good! I just played through it again last week.

Definitely among my favorite platformers this gen. Rayman Legends being another…

As you mentioned the artwork and music are both simply amazing. The progression with the abilities was done so well! I love how a handful of times after you learned a new ability you would be forced to retrace your step and experience a part of the map in a new way.

The escape sequences were brilliant. Very challenging for sure haha.

This and Fallout 4 were my favorite games of 2015.

^ Well said!~

New Fire Emblem is out Surprised can’t wait to let it take over my life and ruin my interpersonal relationships

Edit: also XCOM 2

deStructuralized said:Edit: also XCOM 2

So gutted this isn’t on console.

Tempted to get Fire Emblem… I’ve never played one yet :-0

... Did anyone have as much fun with The Division beta as I did? I ended up convincing 4 friends to download it, and all of them ended up pre-ordering it. I didn’t actually play it as much as I’d like, but I’ve read a lot of stuff about the game. IGN has a ridiculous amount of coverage on it.

I’ll be on ps4 playing on 3/8 when it comes out. Add me patattaq if you wanna link up!

Fire Emblem Fates is SOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trashman, which version did you end up getting?

deStructuralized said:Trashman, which version did you end up getting?

Dawg, Conquest. Are you playing it?

This is my favorite game in years, after less than a week with the game and I know that much. I went ahead and bought the other version too, so I’m hoping to beat both before the final “path” is released next month.

Such a compelling story for a NIntendo game and I had to start over my game after a couple hours and turn down the difficulty ON A NINTENDO GAME!!!

I only played Awakening a little bit, and it was still awesome but kinda easy. They’ve got a gem on their hands with this game though. It’s rare for me to find a game that has me thinking about it all day.