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Kokayi 500 more likes on FB to get the New Kokayi single


Lets get the word out.

I quote

If Kokayi gets 500 ADDITIONAL “LIKES” by Dec. 8th he will release his new single and the title of his NEW ALBUM !! (HAPPY HOLIDAYS)

In addition the 500th person will receive a VERY FRESH PRIZE!!!!!!!!!
(to be revealed on MONDAY! )

Go forth and “LIKE”!

Do work!

Sweeeet. I’m on it. So what’s the final # we need?

we need to get 1400 likes in total

477 to go

also an added bonus

“IN addition if YOU are the 1400TH PERSON TO LIKE KOKAYI’S PAGE KOKAYI will perform an exclusive show in your living room!!!!!! WHAT?????!?!?! ”

Well I’m going to unlike Kokayi and try to be the 1400th person. fuckallyall


Liked. Can’t wait to hear the new single…hopefully. 2012 shaping up to be quite epic:

Pack fm
Tonedeff solo and ep

Can’t wait to hear all of these projects.

Not looking too good, might have to be waiting much longer for the single…