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Kokayi Upcoming Album: 202


From his facebook:
“So the album is called 202. pronounced Two-Oh-Two, not just an area code but an attitude. This isn’t the actual cover art. The cover art is being done by a friend of mine. 202 is based on the sum of my experiences living in DC. I love home and there is no city like mine. No city. To me DC has the hardest audience you can encounter and they make you step your game up. There may be some SPECIAL features, the tracks are mostly done save the last bit of writing. It’ll be out 2012. when? I don’t know. Shooting for the hot months. Thanks for your support.”

Looking forward to new kokayi

Another great album to wait for in 2012 !

Supahbuldozer said:Another great album to wait for in 2012 !

Did everyone else receive the email with the live version of Four 4?
It sounded fantastic.

—Confirmed not 202 related—

Yeah I just saw that. This song is awesome !
I could swear I heard it before though, did he do it at the Megashow ?
Or maybe at his show in Paris.

@supahbuldozer. yep it was the last song of the set at my very 1st megashow. i had it on all hail, but it’s been reworked. i recorded this version because we never had this particular version as a recording, we want to do the Jimi Hendrix Machine Gun version as well… but that’ll be later.

Awesome, I knew I’d heard it somewhere.
Thanks for answering, I need to catch up with your older stuff.

Yeah four 4 was a nice surprise, thanks for emailing that koke!

Koke working on a new song for 202.

Classic said:Koke working on a new song for 202.

Oh my…! This is really phogging nice!

that’s gotta be on there! loved it

New Preview/Rehearsal Footage:

Kokayi dropped a little promo vid for 202. Breaks down what he’s doing for the record.

Nice ! So if I understood correctly, it’s a whole documentary and not just an album ?
Also there’s a whole website dedicated to it :

Edit : Actually I answered myself with the website.
From the website :

” The film will follow Kokayi as he travels to collaborate with 12-14 influential musicians that he has encountered throughout his career.
According to Kokayi some of the collaborations will be in the form of song writing while others will be featured performances. The songs created as this process unfolds will serve as the films soundtrack.”

Dope ! This sounds promising !

This sounds hella dope!

I am really excited to hear some new music from Kokayi. Robots and Dinosaurs is still one of my top 5 releases from the camp.

I was wondering, any news on this project ? I love the concept !

I’m curious about this as well. Regardless of when it comes out though I will definitely support.

Damn so this album never dropped Sad I remember really looking forward to this album.