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Newbie Check-In :: Rules & Regulations What can we do for the Blue School?

After reading Kno’s post about postponing Chico and the Man till it could do more than just live on the internet digitally I started wondering why artists like Mac Miller can debut #1(and no disrespect to Mac who made a pretty good debut with Blue Slide Park) when we have a fucking army of loyal fans crusading for Cunninlynguists and Qn5 but consecutive releases are still flying below the radar. Granted everyone of these releases recieves a massive amount of critical acclaim plus support from all of us in the blue school universe, but it practically brings a tear to my eye to see some the best releases not only in hip hop but in any musical genre in the last 20 years not get the numbers they deserve. It makes me sad that albums like “I Fucking Hate Rappers,” “Archetype,” “Onerilogy,” “Robots and Dinosaurs” and literally every Qn5 release are not a part of our the current common hip hop lexicon. “A Piece of Stramge” and “Onerilogy” are our “Darkside of the Moon” for christs sake! So I guess from this ongoing rant I rise only a question rather than an answer. What can we do for Qn5? If Mac Miller can go number one independently than we should be able to do that too. I gaurentee that most of the Blue Schoolers out there are more dedicated and loyal than any of Mac’s fans. I apoligize for the length of this but I have felt this for along time and am so passionate about good music and know that all the Blue Schoolers feel the same way. Whatever ideas anybody has lets come together and make this happen so when Chico and the Man finally comes to fruition in another 10 years the best album ever made can get its just deserts.

I think the problem is that none of us are undeniably rich.

No Rich Relatives.. Or Fans

i had/(have) a dream that I will marry Taylor Swift and get her to collab on a song with Tonedeff.

But yeah, 99% of it boils down to money/luck. Mac Miller has more money behind him than portrayed.

Next time you film yourself waving out your car window at a grizzly bear, say “” instead of just laughing.