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Substantial Official Bop Alloy “The R & R (Remixes & Revisions)” Thread

wow didn’t even know this was a thing, need to go order asap

CDBABY is back up! Ordered my CD!

Store list:

All orders have been sent please keep us posted and let us know if you haven’t received it within a week.

Recently got my hands on the original album thanks to cdbaby. Still need to get this one though. Any chance of a signed copy when ordering through bandcamp?

Also I’ve been wondering….why was the original album only released in Japan (in physical format)? I know more artist do this, but always seems weird to me to put a lot of effort into something and then only release it in one area. Just wondering…

If i recall, Stan said earlier that it had to do with a lack of good American distro. Also, he has a large fanbase in Japan, but it’s not like he hates us American fans haha.

Finally get to listen today, and luckily have a day off too. Love the t-shirt too.

Got the CD+Shirt, thanks.

..anyone else still waiting on their package?

houstonz said:..anyone else still waiting on their package?

nope got mine about 6 weeks ago….. in NZ

Just got mine today! Sweet! Thanks Stan & Marcus.