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PackFM Making Moves

So, Pack recently put out 2 great music videos within a week of each other - and that was pretty unprecedented and cool. Now he’s about to do 3 performances in AUSTRALIA (ie. on the other side of the world) after getting a “bring Pack to Australia” Facebook page set up just a couple months ago. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Pack’s the first QN5 artist to set foot in Australia for a show, much less three.

And after reading into this interview with the Australian music site Onion (not to be confused with the gutbusting Onion News), it looks like this is just the beginning of a very productive and groundbreaking time for the FM. As stated in the interview, “his upcoming third full-length The Human Highlight Reel will kick-start a year which he promises will be more musically-focused than ever.”

Soooooo YUP! It looks like even after the much anticipated Human Highlight Reel LP drops, Pack won’t be putting on the breaks. Who knows what it could definitively mean, maybe a smaller post-LP project, an onslaught of freeverses, or a Tonedeff and PackFM project of epic proportions *cough*. Either way, Pack’s makin mooooooooves!

Smile thanks for noticing sir

Yeah good work pack, I’ve been getting caught up on your stuff, HHR sounds like it will be yet another great release. How were those Aussie broads? Haaa