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Kno Kno and Braille


I was curious how this relationship started. LifeFirst came on shuffle today, one of the beats you did. Got me thinking how this all started. I mean, he was like 17 at the time, right? That was his first work (some of your first too, right?), pretty unknown, and super young. What made you want to be a part of that project?? Clearly, things appeared to blossom from there (Missing Children, Right This Moment). I think it’s dope that you guys are down with some Christian emcees (Braille, Scribbling Idiots). But was just curious about how it all started with him. Any more work with him in the future?

Also, talked with Deacon in NYC about a year ago and discussed his work with JustMe and he mentioned more stuff with the Scribbling Idiots in the future. I think he mentioned Theory Hazit. Does that mean you, too??