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Deacon The Villain Thee Tom Hardy Feat. Deacon The Villain - Around I Go

Does anyone know where I can get this track without DJ Green Lantern stupid ass shouting over it?

Matter of fact the whole album with no DJ would be something special. Anyone?

Go to Youtube, the video is here…...

Then copy the URL, go to this site…......

Green Lantern isnt on the song there but I never found the whole tape without him

nice catch - one of my favorites off this album. hate when the DJ ruins a track shouting nonsense

If you want better quality use the link from this Green Lantern isn’t talking all over it either

wow… on the blog the whole time. ‘Magine that!

EDIT: Holy crap… not sure how I didn’t give this song the props it deserves when it first dropped.

Frankly, they could have had MC Science-n-Math on it and it still would have been awesome just due to the production and hook, but whatevs.

I still think its cool that teethree used to post here.