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Tonedeff :: ‘Hyperrealism’ Anticipation Thread ::

themanthemyth said:

QN5 said:

mattthegod said:

amplifya said:it had been a while since I listened to or watched “water” since its not on any official release, greatness.

I love that song too. I will say though.. given the fact that this album has shifted in another direction since it was first announced I assume that this song won’t be on the album. I wouldn’t mind at all if I’m wrong on that it’s just a guess.

Water is on the album. Just not the video version. Wink

excited to see the album version Very Happy

P.S: unrelated, but could you please get the projectionist on spotify? downloading it isn’t working for me

Too many samples to clear, so it’s basically a “sung” mixtape. Hence why it’s free.